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McCain Says Senate Immigration Bill Does Not Amount to Amnesty

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    A guest-worker bill would, in fact, be amnesty.

    Senator McCain and other apologists for illegal aliens can play all of the semantic games that they like...but they are not fooling the American people.

    Many millions of people are waiting patiently overseas for the opportunity to immigrate legally to America. This process can take many years.

    Illegal aliens, on the other hand, believe that they're way too important to wait in line to immigrate legally. Sentaor McCain says that illegals would not receive any special treatment and would be at the back of the line for Green Cards and Citizenship. Therefore, he argues disingenuously, a guest-worker program is not amnesty.

    Well, Senator McCain, a guest-worker program IS amnesty. While illegal aliens are waiting "at the back of the line," they are waiting in America...thereby achieving their goal with no downside.

    The stupid people abiding by the immigration rules in their home countries are getting shafted.

    Do you think that a $2,000 fine is a big issue for illegals working in America? It is not. Remember, illegals paid more than that amount to human smugglers to get to America in the first place.


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      SunDevil, since you're in Arizona, maybe you've some insight why McCain insist on pushing this amnesty despite the fact that majority of the folks there oppposed illegals (apparent in Prop. 200 passed last year)?


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        Marmaduk: Quite honestly, I don't understand Senator McCain's position at all. The only thing that I can assume is that he was safely reelected in 2004 for a six-year period...long before he became the poster-boy apologist for illegal aliens.

        You are correct that the voters of Arizona voted overwhelmingly for Proposition 200 in 2004, a measure to deny government services to illegal aliens. Arizona voters, as did those in California, also outlawed bilingual education.

        Our Governor, a Democrat, also declared a state-of-emergency on the border...and dispatched the National Guard to assist the Minute Men and the Border Patrol.


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          Any good lawyer can make anyone legal with that bill. I'm sure there'll be plenty of loopholes.

          Besides, he actually thinks he'll deport people? They'll still be here, whether ug ive em a US Passport or not. So might as well give em one.

          -= nav =-


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            McCain sold out Arizona to Mexico!
            This is horrible!

            99.9999% of people in Arizona want cheap soap made of illegal immigrants!


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              I wonder why you all are bothered by this whole "amnesty" thing. The 1986 amnesty did not go well at all hence LULAC. Whatever bill is passed, you all don't have to worry about anyone jumping the INS line. INS processing alone will frustrate even a saint. It will take years and years for anyone to get a greeen card. While I'm all for immigration reform, this is just a way for politicians to show who has more power than the other. The bill maybe passed but very few will benefit from it.
              Just out interest, how many of you are willing to go and work in construction, just for the summer, in Texas? You will of course be paid $30/hr.


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                Anything short of brick ovens is Amnesty !


                • #23
                  Than they don't get to burn !

                  AMNESTY TO SLAVES!!


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                    Illegal dirtbags don't deserve janitorial, agricultural or other menial jobs that our survival depends on !

                    Once we kick dirtbags out of here, janitorial jobs will start paying $35/HR !


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                      correct, when you have to s h i t, you will have to pay 10 dollar ticket fee, to enter the s h i t e r !
                      Than you will have to buy less FatBurgers, they go up in price too ! You have to s h it less too, as you can not afford 10 bucks 4 times a day to take a s h i t!
                      Than US economy goes down! All because of your s h i t !!


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                        I want to take care of my own s h i t!

                        I will defecate all I want - all over MY toilet, but I won't let no dirtbag to wash my s h i t after me!

                        Eventually someone in neighborhood will be suffocating of stench and will pay me 35/HR to clean up my toilet!


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                          You are full of s h i t already !!!
                          You need help now !


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                            LieMaster = AntiFascist1 = ImmortalE

                            Just ignore his posts. He craves attention and would do anything to get it.


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                              He is pro-immigrant though.


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                                My condolences to them then


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