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  • NEW I-765 FORMS

    Do you know where can I go to print new version of 1-765 form, tried to do at various websites it gives error stating the file is damage, cannot open. Now, they'll only accept the new forms, only. So, pls. advise. If anyone had a better luck.

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    Do you know where can I go to print new version of 1-765 form, tried to do at various websites it gives error stating the file is damage, cannot open. Now, they'll only accept the new forms, only. So, pls. advise. If anyone had a better luck.


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      have you tryed this


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        Thanks for responding back. That's the firt place I started. Even if you click on your link, it's giving the same error. File damaged.


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          I can open it without a problem.

          Maybe you need to update Adobe software?


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            Download the latest version of adobe acrobat reader. It's free Acrobat Reader


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              Thank you aneri and unique as always for your help. I was able to print the form but now my question is I didn't see any c catagory for renewal for lulac/css pending cases. I know we always have renewed our permits by C(22) classification. There is totally no mention of this code, it only mentions life act classification. Pls. advise if someone has just renewed their permits and under wht Catagory for question#16. Thank you


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                Hi Pearl,

                I thought your case was denied. Did anything change?


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                  I wish something would have changed. This is not for me. I am still in the same situation. Just waiting n see wht will happen. So, pls. advise if any info. for renewal, code. Let see where this new settlement will take us as posted by bannister. At this point I guess everyone is just waiting, there is nothing else we can do too. Let's hope and pray for the best.


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                    A while back you said that you had a lawyer file a "motion to reconsider" the unfair rejection of your appeal. What became of that? They should be obligated to at least give you an appeal.

                    That rejection was extremely wrong of the CIS.


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                      Hi Unique,
                      As you know very well, you cannot apply for motion to reconsider under these cases. Once they made the decision its final. Ya, I did send them a letter for reconsideration, till today no response. So, just waiting and see wht happens. We all know it's really very cruel of USCIS, how they have dealt these cases, but you cannot challenge them, even if you have the lawyer's with you. Anyways, back to my original question, do you or anyone knows what code we need to put for the renewal of work permit under lulac/css cases. Your input will be very much appreciated. Thanks


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                        Hi Pearl,

                        You actually have it backwards. It's true that you cannot file a "Motion to Reconsider" an I-687 case, but you CAN file a "Motion to Reconsider" an I-694 case. Your lawyer should have known that. The I-765 cannot be renewed if your I-687 and I-694 are both denied.

                        My advice to you Pearl,

                        If you have absolute proof of entry in your old passport before 01 01 1982 and can prove that you were out of status BEFORE 01 01 1982. Then you can win this new LULAC settlement. If you cannot provide that proof, your only other option is to file a lawsuit against the Government. That will be difficult, very expensive, and probably fruitless.


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                          Hey Unique,
                          Thank you for responding back. I was never told by my lawyer that I can file for motion to reconsider against I-694 rejection for not filing within 30 days. So, I don't know wht is the procedure to do that. Or maybe now its already too late to do that. Pls. Advise.
                          Also, I know I cannot renew I-765 as no case is pending. This info. for the code I need it for someone else. Pls. let me know, if you have the info. or what code have u used for the renewal . Regarding the new settlement, let see when it will be finalized. If there was some kind of settlement was under procedure, why did USCIS took action against the current applications which were there pending for last 17 years. Now, everyone will apply again and they'll make tons of money on these fees. And, I bet after 4/5 years, the result will be the same. No matter wht proof you give them, they'll go against it. That's why I pray and wish that some kind of bill should pass in between, hopefully and we all can cleary come out of this ****. (excuse my lang.)


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                            Hi Pearl,

                            I hate to tell ya, but any motion to reconsider must be filed within 30 days of the adverse decision. Maybe you should sue your lawyer for stupidity?

                            As far as the I-765 I don't think there is a place to put in the code, because all CSS/Newman/LULAC are supposed to be completed. But I could be wrong on that.


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                              Ya, that's what I thought so. But, I don't think any filing for motion to reconsider would have made any diff. with them you know. Anyways, whatever done is done. We cannot change anything otherwise we would not be in this problem today.
                              I don't think all the cases are settled till today. I still know people whose cases are either pending or denied and are in appeal process. So, there must be some applicants renewing their work permits. I think due to this new settlement in process, they have put hold on it. If anybody who have renewed with the new application of I765, pls. advise what code did you put under Q#16. Thanks

                              P.S. Unique, any comment when the new settlement will be settled or is there any instructions out how they are going to handle the old denial/pending cases. What will happen to CSS.


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