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    I guess if i lived in Mexico i would want to have a better life for my family.The only difference i would do it the right way, but thats just not the mexican way.There country is corrupt and they follow suit.Hey when you boycott why dont you get drugs legallized also.


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      well, above mentioned felony status, obviously


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        Pro-immigrant forces say "Chale" to boycott:

        Dios mio!!


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          El Jeano
          You call me a Nazi? Listen, America has enough toilet cleaners, grass cutters and taco truck drivers. America doesn't want nor does it need any more of your type. Why don't you take your fascist entitlement attitude back to that socialistic, dirty and corrupt country where you came from? You are illegal. Go HOME!.


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            mmigrants are here to know i wont go anywhere..i will get amnestied in june ..june 15th 200 will be the year of the great amnesty!!

            you bigot should live with it.


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              El Jeano
              You call me a Nazi? Listen, America has enough toilet cleaners, grass cutters and taco truck drivers. America doesn't want nor does it need any more of your type. Why don't you take your fascist entitlement attitude back to that socialistic, dirty and corrupt country where you came from? You are illegal. Go HOME!
              Most people, including members of this board, have at least broken one law on the books whether its speeding, taking pot by experimenting, leaving off $5 on their tax returns, etc. According to your logic, if you want to apply it universally, is breaking the law. The rule of law argument here is extremely hypocritical when you or anybody else cannot meet the same standards when applied to you as you are applying to another group, like illegals for instance. Thus, proving Jean's point, unfortuneately.

              There is a difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law while balancing the two out when incorporating justice. This must be observed at any cost.

              Remember, the law has no friends if you want to apply it equally to all areas. But you, like so many other people who advocate this argument do not want to apply to you, but only to other groups you politically disagree with.
              "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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                El Jeano

                So you think that you will get "amnestied" ? Dont hold your breath. Check out this link:



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                  You are right, the goverment will increase its immigration laws, bu i do not think they will go after everybody on a large scale because they know this could hurt the U.S economy.

                  It will be very interesting to see whether they will raid those agjobs companies..remember that if they do raid those agriculture company, then who's going to pick up the lettuce..those jobs are jobs that is very hard and americans wont do if they raid those jobs, then you will pay more for lettuce, apples etc etc..


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                    If they don't raid agriculture, it won't be out of concern for higher prices of lettuce, etc. (labor is a small part of the final cost for these), but out of concern for donations to their campaigns. Agribusiness is BIG business, else why would we STILL have tobacco and other direct subsidies?!


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                      Aliba- if they are really looking to deport all illegal immigrants,like myself, then they should move on the agjobs because its where we work on a large the meat the schools where we put our kids so they can study...they should not be afraid to break into american's schools, nationwide to arrest undocumented students...

                      This is what your people wants, so let it be..matterfact, bring in the buses, the trains so ou can ship us out like the nazies shipped out the jews.

                      This is what you and your people wants, so be it, let the mass raid and deportation start..dont just raid a german company, i want them to go in american's school to deport us, i want them to raid american food industries and take away 90% of their workforce and lets see the aftermath.

                      if they want to treat us like animals and deport us, then let it be it.

                      may god bless the one that wants to hurt us by sending us to our death throught starvation.

                      may god help them all.


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                        They will not deport ALL of illegal immigrants and they will not treat them like animals. They will instead mire you in bureaucratic processes that will sap an spirt of rightousness you may have buring.

                        Much better for a society to enforce laws that are not deemed fair by a minority than to let a minority disregard the law as irrelavant.

                        I just made that up, I wonder if it will ever be quoted by a (dare I say) LIBERAL


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                          There will never be amnesty !!!

                          American taxpayers will pay $40 billions to deport 12 million illegals speedely !

                          Even more likely - illegals will flee in Biblical exodus as soon as we demand them to do so - through CNN and other major outlets !!!

                          WWW.FAIRUS.ORG FOREVER !!!!

                          P.S. I have mentality of a RAT - thus Darwin's theory favors me over Mexican illegals and other stupid Human dirtbags !!!


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                            No need to bother with trains and buses. Once these illegals can't get work they will self-deport. I've seen figures which show that simply enforcing the laws already on the books would reduce the illegal population by at least 50% over 5 years through self-deportation. The other 50% will eventually get caught and deported.

                            The troll also forgets that only 7-8 million of the 11-20 million illegals here actually work and that they make up less than 5 percent of the overall workforce not 90% like he's convinced himself it is. He also fails to see that there is already a backdoor guest worker plan (Global Horizons, UFW, & AFL - CIO)using the H2A visa which will probably be expanded in the upcoming appropriation bill. This will allow LEGAL workers to come in and fill in jobs lost by illegals as they get deported.


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                              Are you aware that once you get deported, you can NOT re- enter for anoher 15-20 years??..then you expect them go get in line and wait an additional 20 years?? thats like waiting for 30 + years to migrate legaly, why bother if you're in you're 30's 40's? by the time you get in, you'll be to old to work.

                              may god help the one that wish us harms.


                              • #30
                                That's why you should just go home voluntarily so there won't be a bar against you. Then you can come in LEGALLY under the guest-worker program. Why is it so hard for you to respect our laws?

                                Come in LEGALLY and we will welcome you.


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