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    To answer the question, my experience has been it takes 1-4 weeks until the actual deportation flight once the final order has been issued. My last client waited in detention almost exactly 4 weeks.


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      In my opinion and based on what I have seen, how long he spends in detention will depend upon two things....1) how motivated his deportation officer is to complete his travel documents and 2) any problems that the deportation officer encounters while trying to get his travel documents in order. If your husband has a current passport, it probably shouldn't take very long. On the other hand, if his passport has expired, it could be awhile. I hope that it doesn't drag on for you. The ICE held my husband in custody for eight months and, frankly, it was h e l l.


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        I turned over his passport to INS the day he turned himself over to their custody. His lawyer said anywhere between 10-14 days more. He has been in custody since May 10th. I am anxious for this to be over. It has been hell since he has been in there.He fell once and hit his head on a table and had to have 6 staples in his head. While he was bleeding and being taken to the hospital one of the gaurds was very agressive towards him and asked him why he was there Are you a member of Alqueida or the Taliban... He was very rude... this has been awful.. Ofcourse I complained and the officer was reprimanded...


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          Also, see, if he qualifies for "voluntary departure" that would help his latter legal return to the U.S.

          I would strongly discourage from ignoring the removal order, as that will diminish his chances to ever be able to enter or reside in the U.S. legally.


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