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  • Married to gain access to America

    After 3 years of marriage my husband wants to leave me for his girlfriend. What should I do to get him deported?

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    After 3 years of marriage my husband wants to leave me for his girlfriend. What should I do to get him deported?


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      A broken marriage does not automatically give you the right to terminate his immigration case. The only right you have to do that is if you have compelling evidence to support a fraud claim.


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        Shut uop Swissnut and lets ascertain the facts here; you dont even know the facts. Stop trying to do my job. You are a silly girl; this is mans job.

        Questions for the fraud victim;
        1. What country is he from
        2. Age difference
        3. How long dated
        4. How long married
        5. Does he have conditional green card (2 year) or permanent (10 year)
        6. Have you filed for divorce or annullment?

        If he is conditional, you can make life miserable for him; possible deport; if he is permanent then nothing you can do


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          I have evidences. He knew her before we got married. She is from his country. Recently I found out they have a baby boy. I trusted him and gave my 100% to this marriage. He was fooling around behind my back. He married me to come here because girlfriend is a green card holder. How can I punish him?


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            He is from Pakistan.
            He is 5 years younger.
            We dated for 1 year online.
            3 years.
            He has conditional Green Card.
            Not yet.

            I want to send him back where he came from. He doesn't deserve no mercy. I brought him here from 3rd world country. I did everything to make him happy, in return he cheated on me.


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              You should never have married one of "those" people to begin with; whats wrong with you. Stop sounding like a girly girl and being spiteful. Don't get mad, get even; but revenge is best served cold. Dating 1 year "online" doesnt count; only in person hard core banging counts as dating. Get a lawyer, get an annullment based on fraud, sue him out of the country, don't count on BCIS. But once the annullment is complete, have your lawyer send an email to BCIS. Go girl !


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                very rarely will I ever agree with Michael in any way shape or form...

                But I will say don't count on BCIS... I don't know if they are manned enough to hunt him down.

                HOWEVER, you can use our legal system to your benefit. Take him for all that he is worth. Make him pay you alimony for the rest of your life (regardless of whether or not you get married in the future). I am sure that you can argue something to the effect of the amount of money that you spent on getting him here, giving him the life he currently has, how it has put you in to debt and now you have to see a psychologist and so without his help you will never be able to live in the manner to which you had become accustomed or something like that.

                I am far from a divorce lawyer - but a really good one will be worth their weight in gold.
                And frankly, hurting him out of spite will not help you half as much in the long run as helping yourself right now (and punishing him in the bargain.) I imagine that this hurts like hell right now, but in 5-10 years you will have fallen in love again and very possibly could be married and getting on with your life - with the right person. And you could use that alimony to take trips all over the world, or buy an RV or just to feel a little bit more secure....

                (and he will make a lot more here in the USA than in Pakistan!)

                You may need to shell out a bit of money for a good lawyer to do this, but it will be worth it in the end...


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                  and if you are really bent on revenge - him paying you alimony is something he will have to think about for the rest of his life... whereas, if he goes back to Pakistan he could just marry another american and do the same thing all over again (only you won't get anything out of it)!!


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                    Hmmmm. alimony...rarely awarded, and certainly not for life!

                    How old is the child? Did you sponsor him, and did you bring him here on a K-1? Do you have anything which proves he married you to get here, to ultimately be with the GC-holding girlfriend?


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                      not so rarely awarded... but yes rarely awarded for life. But a good lawyer can make all the difference in the world (with the right argument/evidence).

                      If I were the original poster, I would at the very least examine the options!


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                        I have my own business so money is not an issue here. I gave him job when he arrived here. He started working as manager in my gas station. I don't think he is able to make good money on his own.

                        I didn't bring child here. He got her pregnant in US. Child is 10 months old. Now his girlfriend wants him to divorce me. I found out from my resources and when he started paying money to raise this child from my business account. I want to teach him a lesson so he doesn't cheat another victim like me.


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                          JohnDoe :

                          If you were in my shoes you wouldn't talk like this after everything I did for him. I realized this marriage was a set up to come near his girlfriend.


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                            What about closing this chapter and moving on? You are only causing damage to yourself...and in the end probably nothing will happen to him...

                            Revenge does not do any sorry for him that he lost you and that you'll find your hapinness in the future, but if you keep holding negative feelings you'll never be able to move on...I know you are hurt but it is the best to do it this way...


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                              When I realized the matter I installed a spy ware on my computer that we use to check e mails. I got the password for his e mail account. He has all e mails saved with his girlfriend in personal folder for last 5 years. He was dating both of us when he was in Pakistan. When I read their plan in e mail it hurts a lot. Can I use those e mails as evidences?


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