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Sensenbrenner = Hitler

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  • Sensenbrenner = Hitler

    Both were Germans and both wanted massive deportations Jews or har-working aliens.

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    Both were Germans and both wanted massive deportations Jews or har-working aliens.


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      Maria, you should really have better sense than to throw comparisons with Nazis around. You trivialize the Holocaust and the Jewish experience. Come to that, just what was MEXICO's role in WWII? You never hear much about that. And of course, Latin America is notorious as the hideout of choice for escaped war criminals.


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        Every country in the world including Mexico suffered or suffers illegal immigration problem.

        But no country in the world has ever passed such bill like this after ignoring for years this problem. This is sick solution.

        There are hundreds of other methods how to deal with illegal immigration but no country has ever called for massive deportation or use military against illegal aliens or criminalizing them except Nazi Germany and US now.


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          a round of applause for H.R. 4437 - finally some politicians with some courage who are listening to American citzens' outrage over the very idea of rewarding illegals....yesssssss.


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            all illegals should be asked to pay $5,000, use the money to build a fence around all borders and we move on.

            Everyone INSIDE the US to get citizenship immediately!


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              If we are talking about a fine, let's make it a real one....$50,000 or leave the US for at least 10 years.


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                Marasmus: The American people are totally opposed to Amnesty for illegal aliens. The House of Representatives is responding to the anger generated by illegal immigration.

                Why would you propose rewarding illegal aliens who have shown a total disregard for America's laws and sovereignty? Furthermore, why would you penalize law-abiding, would-be legal immigrants...those patiently waiting for years in their countries of origin for the opportunity to immigrate to America?

                I congratulate the House of Representatives for responding to the wishes of the American people on this issue. H.R. 4437 is long overdue. Hopefully, the Senate will pass a similar measure, so that the President can sign it into law.

                When do we start building the fence?


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                  Maria: You are too stupid for words. I hope that you are one of the first illegal aliens to be deported.


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                    Lets face it, no one will leave the US. They are here already.

                    Charge them $5K, give them citizenship and lets move on!!!!


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                      they will leave when the law is passed, especially if these illegals can be arrested by a meter maid (or who knows, maybe even a citizen's arrest?) and then shipped out of the US. Eliminate waivers for phony marriages, no fines, just adios and a bar to readmission of at least 5 years.
                      We should give illegals up to 6 months to self deport and face only a 2 year bar (then they have to seek a visa) - otherwise, after 6 months, anyone left is a deportable felon, subject to immediate arrest and deportation and a permanenet bar to readmmission.

                      Anyone so barred who tries to sneak across the border gets 5 long years (hard labor) in prison followed by the boot.
                      It is time to stop molly coddling illegals .... give them one last chance to be responsible and if they don't take it, they will face dire consequences.


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                        someone12 wake up from the dreams!!!


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                          Marasmus: As a legal immigrant to America, I am offended by your proposal to offer U.S. Citizenship for $5,000

                          I love the United States, and I am patiently waiting for the time when I am eligible to apply for my U.S. Citizenship. On the day that I earn my Citizenship, I will be proud to call myself an American.

                          U.S. Citizenship is something to be valued, something to be earned and cherished. It is not something to be sold for $5,000 to twelve million people who have shown a complete disregard for America's laws and sovereignty.

                          As an aside: I wonder how many of those twelve million illegal aliens who would buy Marasmus' citizenship are making any effort to assimilate and integrate and learn our language? My empirical evidence in Arizona says not very many!


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                            No law should work retroactively.
                            Somebody who came here 15 or 10 years ago he overstayed 15 or 10 years ago and should pay a fine a get visa or be able to apply for a green card under 245-i.

                            Also people who have US citizen relatives should be treated differently than border jumpers not paying taxes.

                            You cannot treat a murderer in the same way as somebody who drove a car against red and made a parking violation or overstayed visa.


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                              Maria: If someone swam across the river or treked through the desert or overstayed their visa...whether it was 20 years ago or 15 years ago or 10 years was still illegal.

                              Such people have always been illegal...they are not retroactively illegal.

                              By U.S. Citizen relatives, do you mean "anchor babies?" An American child can sponsor his or her parents for legal immigration once said child is 21 years old. Until such sponsorship occurs, illegal alien parents are subject to deportation.


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