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Naturalization Interview-BronzeLady or others please advise

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    Fairplay, how long did it take you between your N-400 fingerprints and actuall interview?
    Please and thank you.
    ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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      My interview date was about 7 months after I had my fingerprints done. From filing N-400 to interview was about 13 months.


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        thank you very much
        ...Mistake Recognized is half corrected ...


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          It is 2 months since I received notice to go for my Naturalization interview and almost 3 weeks since I took the interview and was told I had "passed". Since then I have heard nothing further, no notification of an oath date, nor has my husband been notified of a date for his interview.

          We are very concerned that my husband has heard nothing - is there anything we can do to find out the reason for the delay? Our main reason for concern is our unmarried daughter who is immediately eligible for PR when my husband receives his citizenship. She has been visiting us to assist with numerous family emergencies, and it would be wonderful if she could adjust status instead of having to process through a consulate. She no longer lives in our home country, so consulate processing will be a headache. We have applied for an extension of her tourist visa, heard nothing, and if it is denied will have a big problem. Can anyone offer advice?


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            BronzeLady - Can you offer any advice (see my previous posts)? I know it may seem that I am over reacting, but I am very concerned about why my husband has still not heard about his citizenship interview more than 2 months after I was notified and passed mine. He has serious health issues and this stress is not helping.

            We are worried that our daughter's application for an extension to her visitor's visa may be denied because her long pending I-130 has been approved since she came to visit us here(priority date not yet current). For personal reasons and circumstances that have recently occurred , it has become imperative that if at all possible she should remain in the USA and adjust status to PR (when my husband becomes a citizen), rather than go through Consular processing. If my husband's interview had been on the same date as mine, that probably wouldn't have been a problem.

            An added concern is that my husband and I are booked (gift from my sister) to make a short trip to visit my married daughter in a foreign country in 2 weeks time. As we only get to see her very occasionally, we don't want to cancel unless we absolutely have to. However, we are not sure if it is OK to travel at this stage in our citizenship process.


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