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Got my Notice of Action today from Missouri regarding my I 485- NYC applicant

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    i applied to renew my EAD 765 on March 23 and i got a NOA from MSC asking me to call NSC to make appt for my biometric. I called the 1800 number and a lady asked me all the info, she noticed that i have an apt for my I 485 already for April 8. I told her that appt is for I 485 and the ASC code is 3. THe ASC code on my I 765 NOA is 2... She checked and told me that the lady that gave me the appt for Apr 8 was wrong and she put me in ASC code 2 instead of 3. The lady canceled the last appt and make a new appt on April 29 for both my I 485 and I 765.

    I just want to let people know what happened. Apparently , The ASC code is important enough that they will cancel if you got the wrong one.


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        Don't be in any hurry to get fingerprinted. They are only good for 15 months.


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          should i reschedule the appt for i 485 and keep the apt for EAD? my i 485 priority date is march 19/2003.
          If i take finger print on april 28, 15 more months will be on July 28/ 2005. at that time it will be 2 years and 4 months since my i 485.

          is it a better bet to get finger print couple month later from now so i can have some leeway


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            I was reading your experiences and noticed the NYC district office takes about 25 months to get an I485 interview - and it goes through the Missouri Service Center these days. I am from Boston, and pretty soon will file my family-based I485, and I am not sure if it will take as long as NYC to get an interview even though I heard it takes about the same since they both use to go through Vermont Service Center previously.

            Can you or anyone else clarify this for me? the length of I485 family based interview after filing would also be helpful.



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              From what i can tell by reading other nyc applicant, I 485 family based taking 2 years and couple months from receipt date to interview. Those people that got interview by now are not going through MSC. Their application went through the whole process at NYC office.

              MSC process is something new and nobody can tell if it will take longer or not because nobody going with MSC got an interview yet.
              My hope is that it will only take less time. The proof is that NYC takes over a month just to mail the receipt leter while I got my MSC NOA a week after i mail my I 765 renewal application.


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                still waitingo to hear what bronzelady gotta say about whether to make another appointment for my FP


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                  No. With the biometric capture they can automatically resubmit your fp if they expire (theoretically anyway). Take them when you scheduled the appt. NEVER EVER RESCHEDULE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (i.e., you or an IMMEDIATE family member is in the hospital or you are dead)!


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                    thanks are such a helpful lady


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