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Got my Notice of Action today from Missouri regarding my I 485- NYC applicant

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    Vivek is right. Manhattan is always full and also the 5 boroughs of New York. When I asked which ASC would give me the closest date they told me the one in Hempstead. I went there. There is public transportation to that Center in case you need it.


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      After reading your post I asked Customer Service lady that can you schedule an appointment in long island to expedite processing. She told me that she don't know what is the name of the ASC in LI, and at that time Hempstead didn't came to my mind. Tell me something how soon appointments are possible in LI? Thanks


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        When I scheduled my appointment (September 25) the closest date was in Hemptead (Nassau County, Long Island). My date was November 6, so it was 40 days to wait. They couldnt schedule appointments in NY city because it was full all November and for some stupid reason they were not able to schedule for December. So actually I guess you can save a couple of weeks at least.

        Now, I received my EAD two weeks afetr my biometrics were taken. That is the good news. The bad news is that I still dont have a SS number because there is a backlog and INS hasnt my security clearance.


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          thanks all,
          for some reason, the lady told me there is no place available for me to fp...damn..liar,
          i'll call again and try to get some place to do it...


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            Thanks for sharing information.

            I got an appointment for 10th April so call today and get it done as fast as possible. Customer service lady was checking all the ASC in 5 boroughs and came up with best date suitable for me. 10th is Saturday so I don't have take a day off from work. Hope you will find the right person on the phone.


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              what info did they ask you vivek?
              did they ask you about the receipt number or apllicant number because they didn't ask me any of that...they just ask for my name, address, dob, to write it down....
              it's weird, they should be about to look for the receipt number and find all the info...

              i'm still on hold with 1800 number now...hope to find someone who can help me


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                Okay Andy, I was on hold for more then 40 minutes then I got someone who I talked with. She asked my mother's full name, DOB, her Alien Number, Address, zip code to find out which ASC is nearest. Stay on the line even though it is going to take a little bit.


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                  just a quick reply people

                  after on hold for 10 minutes, I got connected to Katharine a nice lady. She do a quick search and gave me my appointment for FP on April 8th at 1pm. The ASC center is in the bronx, 5 minutes walking from my house.
                  You never know what happen when you call INS, you may get lucky with someone else.
                  Again, goodluck for anyone who didn't get their appointment.


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                    Good luck.


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                      on second thought vivek, do you think it's good idea to get your fp asap because one year may have passed from the date your fp is taken but before your AOS interview? I mean how long is the fp valid? If it's only 1 year, do we have to retake it?


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                        Andy, I am hoping that case will be processed according to projected processing time which is 120 to 180 days. Hopefully there will be no need of such thing.


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                          vivek, if you look at the i485 processing time at NYC local office, they are doing feb 2002...that means i got more than 1 year to wait until my priority date is current ( my priority date is march 19/2003).

                          your prority date is a couple of months before me so hope that you will get your turn before me.
                          Well, there is nothing we can do now. Just take the FP and biometric and wait 1 year or so to hear something from them.
                          The 120-180 days projected time is nothing but all depends on how fast the NYC local office takes....we all know how slow they are


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                            Andy, you are right about processing times of I-485 at NYC Dist. Office. If you have noticed few moths ago they were processing June 2002 then it changed to May 2002 and now it says Feb 2002. I thought processing dates should go ahead rather then going back.


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                              vivek, when is your priority date. I would take your date and can estimate what is the wait for me.

                              If it was doing June 2002 a while back, then the wait is not so bad...just wonder what happened to it...we never know.
                              A couple of months ago, there was a lady here that got her interview from nyc. Note that she did not get any letter from MSC. That means her case is before they start doing MSC stuff. She got her FP appointment 6 months before her interview. Total time is around 2 years for her.
                              let's hope things are for the better


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                                Priority date is October 18th 2002; I got Advance Parole around December 2002. That parole expired in December 2003 so applied for another one and got it last month. And yes total time is around 18 to 20 months or bit more. Hopefully at the end of 2 years everything is done.


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