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Got my Notice of Action today from Missouri regarding my I 485- NYC applicant

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    TO ALL:

    There is NO DIFFERENCE between Missouri and those applications that received a yellow receipt. Missouri (or the National Benefits Center - NBC) will be doing the up-front processing on new applications for NYC. EVERY application that was not already scheduled for an interview was sent to the NBC for processing. They will be placed in order by the date of filing and scheduled for an interview. The fact that the applicants whose applications were newly filed and received receipts from the NBC have been scheduled for biometric processing does not mean they will be seen first. NYC has at least a 24 month wait time from filing to interview (it's actually a little more than that but 24 months is the official stated time). Whether you received the yellow receipt or the letter from MSC it is still just a receipt that carries no more weight than that. ASC means applications support center. The code next to it is just an internal code that indicates which site you will likely be attending. You are generally scheduled to a site that is closest to you. There are 7 ASC sites (that's where you have your fingerprints taken), Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jamaica (Queens), Woodside (Queens), Hempstead, and New Rochelle. I hope this clarifies things for all of you.


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      thanks bronzelady,
      that's pretty clear. My ASC code is 3. Do you know where is that? I live in the bronx. Would they schedule me for bio and FP in the bronx or would i be able to get a sooner appointment elsewhere if Bronx is booked?


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        Thanks Bronzlady.


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          Actually, I believe you decide where you want to go. It's assumed you are going to want it to be where you live but I think you could schedule for Manhattan if say you worked near the site. I'm not exactly sure about that phase of the program since scheduling is done through the national customer service center. From what I've been told you get to pick the day. In Manhattan they have times Mon - Fri. Everywhere else is Tuesday - Saturday.


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            Any idea when Main petitioner is not willing to provide AOS since he is 75 yrs old and paralyzed. Do you think INS accepts AOS from Husband and Son instead of main Petitioner for my mother?


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              I'm unclear what you are asking me. Can you explain further.


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                Hi, my uncle filed a petition for us back in 1983. In 1996 when time came to sponsor my family, my uncle refused to sponsor my parents because of family problems we have. My father got sponsor from his sister and came to US in 1996. At that time he wasn't stable so he came alone to US thinking that he will bring my mother later on. As you know after 1997 rules have changed that main petitioner must provide AOS to complete the process. Now I am USC and my father is still LPR.
                My mother was refused visa twice at Bombay consulate because of lack of AOS from main petitioner. So when my mother got visitor's visa in 2002, we applied for Adjustment of status in October 2002 in NYC dist. Office. Recently I got NOA for fingerprinting. I am afraid if officer ask for main petitioner documents, we are not going to have it at the time interview.
                As per USCIS website it takes 120 to 180 day processing time for this kind of case. If case is denied then she lost 6 months unnecessary after I became citizen. Do you think my father's sponsor letter will work and ill be cosponsor?


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                  Your father got AOS as the brother of a USC right? Did he list his wife on the original petition? If so, she can follow to join on the same petition. I don't understand what's the problem unless he wasn't married to her at the time.


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                    Yes my father got AOS as brother of USC and my uncle listed whole family including my mother in original I-130. And when we filed Adjustment of status in 2002, we have selected option follow to join main petition. And he was married at the time of petition and he is married to my mother today. Thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate your input.


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                      Make sure you include a copy of your father's petition approval notice (the one he used to get the green card) and proof that he is already a permanent resident (a copy of his green card) when filing. Also if she is out of status she will need to file the Supplement A and pay the fee. I am assuming she is eligible because of the long wait for the brother of a USC petition to become current.


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                        Thanks for the advice.


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                          Hello everyone,

                          I know it's a different state but I wanted to share mine with you guys.

                          I live in Seattle, WA.

                          I got married to my wife in June of 2003.
                          We filed for my I-485 October, 6 2003 and I got my EAD December 06 2003.
                          I received a letter from BCIS december 17 saying I needed to go and get fingerprinted for some kind of FBI background check in order to process my I-485.
                          I got the fingerprint done January 7, 2004.

                          I haven't heard anything else from them so far..

                          In the meantime, I applied for a social security and got it and couple days ago, I obtain my drivers licence.

                          I guess, I was wondering, how long before we go for the interview?
                          I pray that all of us on here get our cases taken care of in the most smooth way...

                          I cannot wait to get my Green Card and travel to go and see my familly back in Ivory Coast. It has been 7 years and I miss them ALLOT.

                          One.. Please advise.


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                            If you call an immigration lawyer in your town (by simply looking into your local yellow pages), they can give you an idea on how long you have left... since they are constantly filing for AOS for their clients and know how things are going with your local service center.

                            Good Luck


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                              hi all,
                              a little update : i call National csc 1800 number to make an appointment.
                              The lady is very nice, she told me all of ASC center in NY is full...she wrote down my name, address, phone and say... they will call me back to schedule for my appoinment.

                              she told me this is something new they doing because there is some problem going on in NYC area. What the ...?

                              I'm sad now...what to do next.


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                                Andy, yesterday I have scheduled an appointment for my mother for Fingerprinting and biometrics at Brooklyn ASC. They are scheduling around April 10th at the moment. You are right about Manhattan. She told me same answer that she can't scheduled at Manhattan for some reason. Why don't you do it in Brooklyn rather then waiting, it is very close to Manhattan, in Downtown Brooklyn. And also they work on Saturday, but all up to you, just a suggestion.


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