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  • aos question

    hoping somone can answer this .. me and hubby are having a few issues .. got everything done except i need to send in support form for new sponser . my orignal sponser backed out on me .. was wondering if i went home . for a while.. left my aos . i diddnt over stay or anything this was my first time entering the sates . would i be able to come back in on a k3 if me and my husband can work this out .

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    just a bit more info .. i was allowed to saty here for 6 months im from canada ...... i got married in march filed in july .. i was only out of status for 80 days or so or less .. please somone please respond to this . we cant go to this interview with these issues we have but we both love eachother too . and dont want to just give up.. but time apart is what we really need here just not a lifetime apart


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      so far 40 views... but no responses.. come on guys someone out there has to give me some help on this


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        First you say you didn't overstay, then you said you did overstay. I believe you can be banned with an overstay of 180 days or more. You should meet with an immigration lawyer asap to find out.


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          i know for a fact i did not over stay 180 days .. so im kinda hoping that a ban would not be an issue.. but going to an interview with these issues we have will for sure get me denied.. dont know what to do , any suggestions would help alot


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            If u r a canadian citizen, you don't need to worry that much.You can tell your hubby to move with you to canada.Their dollar is higher than usa now.


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              haha .. that wont work . i would still need to sponser him in.. no way of doing that .where i come from which is a small province .(newfoundland) jobs are not that plentfull looks like ill have to settle for a visit from him from time to time


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                Marilyn, I think you can move to a province like Ontario where you can find lots of jobs.I just don't think it will be a good idea for you to go through all those immigration hasle just to go to a country which is no better than Canada and sometimes i think worse.

                If you don't like the weather in Canada then its a different story, but in that case you make sure you find a guy from southern states in USA.


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