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    Employers always find some loophole to pull these stunts.
    Sweet Madame Belu


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      only you could ask something like that in the context of "serious" question


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        Now that makes the ant laugh and the cockroach piss himself (Response to Moondin's initial post)


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          Ever hear of Affirmative Action, folks?

          As far as my understanding of the EEO is concerned, if an employer legitimately needs information about its employees' or applicants' race for affirmative action purposes or to track applicant flow, it may obtain racial information. To prevent such information from either intentionally being or inadvertendly being considered discriminatory selection, a company HR department might remove such references from the form or strike it out, once the applicant us being reveiwed for the position.

          If a box appears on an application form which enquires of an applicant's race it is not necessarily against the law, but requesting information that discloses or tends to disclose an applicant's race strongly suggests that race might be used unlawfully as a basis for hiring. Therefore, if members of minority groups are excluded from employment, the request for such pre-employment information might constitute evidence of discrimination.


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            Is it just me or the replied foreigners do sound some what defensive?! What's up with all that defensive bulls.hit "ladies find my accent s.exy"?! Do foreign ladies find American accent "s.exy" or they just want a greencard?! (sorry, had to throw it in) I don't see anything wrong with an accent as long as you can understand what's being said or written. Once I had a hard time understanding a dude (American born) on one of the Texas gas stations! American Accent... Is there such a thing?!

            Texas: Whaaawt aaawe yooow traaaw'n to saaawy?

            New York: Eeef yooo wanaaa go to the eeeaaapot, you'd betaaa taaake Bwoooklin Bweeedge!

            Boston: I just haaad a caaap'a'caaafe at a caaaner caaafe shaaap.

            And there's also wonderful Nu Joyzee and Cowlifowrnia! How about being a Canadian, eh?

            Yo, w'sup, ya'll? Ho'ws ya'll do'n in da crib? It's a black'tha'ng, you wouldn't unders'tand. In London it was at first kind of eerie to listen to a black guy speaking with a British accent.

            If a foreigner in his foreign accent tells me what year John Elway won his first Super Bowl ring (1998) or that Dan Marino never did I have no problem with the accent! Sammy Sosa's accent is cool! To me it's all about how a foreigner accepts, integrates and enjoys his/her new homeland.

            If you want to fade your foreign accent there're books and tapes... etc. that will teach you how. You know what they say... It's all in the wrist.


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              Yeah. No s.hit. DEFENSIVE!

              Of course, when us Americans go to THEIR country -- are accents are a "joke" and "hard to understand". Right?

              but, that's okay -- cuz *their* accents are c.ool and stylish and everyone can understand it.

              Oh and every immigrant has a bigger p.enis than us. What's that Freud syndrome called again?

              -= nav =-


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                [QUOTE]Originally posted by moondin:
                Yeah. No s.hit. DEFENSIVE!

                Of course, when us Americans go to THEIR country -- are accents are a "joke" and "hard to understand". Right?

                There's no need to feel small when going to the real world, moondin!
                It's time you get over that "American complex". Welcome to 2004, sweetheart. Nobody cares about your accent in Europe. It's an open-minded place, dude. Oh, BTW, doesn't the English language originate somewhere there, too? So, just forget about "foreigner's accent", just because The American Language is nothing but an accent of The Original English Language. And don't feel so bad suggesting that all foreigners hate u just because u hate them.


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                  My friend called me the other day and asked what I was doing. I replied, "Nuttin'." She had a fit! "Don't ever let me hear you say that again!" Her nieces and nephews moved to the South, and they are not allowed to pick up a Southern accent.
                  Sweet Madame Belu


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                    Iva, I'll have to disagree with you on one point. Europe is not as "open minded" as you would like to think. I have lived there. Trust me, living in Europe as an American is not always easy. There is plenty of anti-Americanism. I'm not just talking about political anti-Americanism, I'm talking about a downright inrrational hate for Americans. I do not want to generalize, as there are plenty of Europeans who have no problem with Americans, but there is plenty of hate. Europeans are "open-minded" when it comes to things European, but that's about it.

                    As far as accents are concerned, I think it depends on who you're asking. When I was living in Germany I had a light American accent. Some people didn't even notice. Others would immediately start to speak English to me as soon as they heard my accent. That was quite annoying. I knew they were just trying to practice thier English, but it made me mad anyway. I knew a lot of Americans and they all had different accents. An accent is something personal. It depends on a lot of factors, like how old you were when you learned the language, your gender, your level of education, your ears, your mouth muscles, etc. Some people are just better at language than others. My husband, for example, has a very large English vocabulary and has pretty good grammar, but his pronunciation is very thickly accented. Others have near-native pronunciation but terrible grammar. Someone that can write a language very well, for example, might be extremely difficult to understand when they speak. This is often the case with people from Asia. They could be very educated and write near-perfect English, but have extreme problems with making themselves understood, because the sounds are so different than the ones they are used to making in thier language.

                    When I speak to Mexicans, they usually don't know that I'm not Mexican unless I tell them. I practice Spanish every day, and I guess I just have a good ear for it. I always think that I can hear my own accent when I listen to my own voice on a recorder, but my husband and others tell me that I don't have one, or if I do, they can't hear it.
                    Have a nice day


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                      Have a nice day


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                        No kidding.

                        With all the anti-american racism in Europe -- they have the nerve to call us racist when we give the same treatment back.

                        Only difference is -- they s.hit-talk us, and they STILL want to come live with us. What gives??

                        Funny thing is -- everytime I go to Europe, i always feel this sense that they somehow believe they are more "superior" and "upper-class" than "them Ameri-cahns". Let's throw 12 million of our illegals on your turf, and you'll be screaming and tightening your immigration too.

                        -= nav =-


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                          Spain receives as much illegal immigration as the US does... the problem the US has with Mexico they have with people crossing the river from Morocco, the difference they have another approach, the integrate people to society. They legalize them. They are just now making a new visa wherein a visitor can visit Spain for three months, and if it finds a job can get residency. It works for everybody.


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                            Trust me you would miss 12 million of CONSUMERS!


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                              >They legalize them

                              Looks good on paper -- but what happens is -- it encourages MORE people to come. You might as well make everyone in Morocco a citizen and get it over with.

                              Illegals aren't stupid. Give them more incentive to come -- and they'll take it.

                              -= nav =-


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                                It works for Spain..., they create 700,000 jobs a year if they wouldn't get immigrants who would fill those jobs?

                                Spanish economy has grown so much in the last decade...and immigration has a lot to do with that.


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