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Final Deportation Order

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    LOL ---shhhh


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      whknapp: the only project you are capable of carrying out is cleaning 'skid marks' off of toilet bowls.


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        someone 12, K K K! you need to go and burn churches. In God we Trust. red necks don't belong here. Oh! my bad, Your dad Bob, just bought you that cheap computer? well learn before you leap. Here is not made for clans. take care because we are the future of America


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          In case you haven't noticed (and you haven't) doofus, not favoring illegal immigration is not a foundation for racism. Have I ever said I don't want someone from country X or Y to come to America? Or that only citizens of country X or Y are illegals? No.
          It's all about obeying the laws, you nitwit.
          Of course, one must have a sound grasp of the English language before one can understand the big words, so I suggest you go back to the public restrooms and continue reading the graffitti on the walls. Most of the graffitti are one syllable words, which is about all you can handle.
          You and other illegals are not the future of America; on the future deportees of America.
          By the way, $hit-for-brains, the correct expression is "look before you leap" not "learn before you leap"....if you would stop playing with yourself long enough and devoted all that ***********y time to the study of the English language, you might actually learn something useful.


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            Someone12: Mobis' court-ordered anger-management classes aren't going too well, as you can see from his irrational and insulting comments above.

            Mobis did make me laugh, though, when he claimed that Americans should "take care because we (immigrants) are the future of America." He is a conditional resident who is in the process of getting a divorce, but has no chance of getting permanent residency because he is in anger-management classes as a result of a domestic violence situation.

            If Mobis and his ilk are the self-proclaimed "future of America," we're gonna be in pretty bad shape. Hopefully, he'll be deported before then.


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              If Chuks is out of status then he is accumulating overstay time, right? Could he come back in on a work visa if that is the case?


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                The OP does not say which interview he missed. If it is the AOS interview, then the complexion of matters changes. As would the potential for adjustment if he entered on VWP in the first place, as any denied petition has no appeal rights under VWP. He needs to speak with another immigration expert. Habeus Corpus might prevent detention, but I agree with Houston, it doesn't resolve his unlawful presence.
                The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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                  This post is outdated, so probably OP won't even read this.
                  But if he does, I would suggest him to seek professional legal advise.

                  Final Order of Deportation means he has no right to be/found here, and there are severe penalties for remaining in US past such order.

                  Motion to Reopen would need very strong justifiable evidence to be granted, or else it will be denied.

                  In any case, no one but an experienced attorney specializing in REMOVAL CASES can give him a legal advise/opinion.

                  Good Luck,


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