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How do I find a Doctor in Canada for Phsical for Immigration?

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  • How do I find a Doctor in Canada for Phsical for Immigration?

    I am in Edmonton AB. My husband is American. My I-130 had just been approved. I have sent in all my fingerprints and background check info to the RCMP. I'm waiting for that to come back. Now, How do I go about getting my Medical things done? Do I need a special Doctor or can I go to any Doctor and tell them why I need a Physical? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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    You need a doctor who has been approved by USCIS. You will need all your immunization information. Did you get all your shots? Call the consulate in Calgary (you may have to go there if you cannot get through on the phone) and they will tell you what to do - You can also call immigration at the border (they are really nice) and they will also tell you.

    I think you will have to wait until you are notified that your visa number is available - The National Visa Center sends you the forms you need to fill in and the bills as well.

    If you want the number for the Calgary lawyer - I can give it to you. They may charge you a few dollars but they will also give you the correct information. They got me here!!


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      Have you received anything from the consulate? They send out so called Packet3 with all the information including the list of the approved doctors once they receive the information that I-130 has been approved.


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