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Interview in 2 weeks Need HELP!!!!!

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    What part of no interview for an F1 do you not understand or filling out any paper work. I am a Canadian Citizen I dont have to go to the consulate and have an interview. If you read from my previous post I went to the border since I lived less then a mile from it. They looked at my I-20 and stamped my passport. That was it.
    An yes because I was involved didnt mean I was going to marry him, besides he was still talking to other woman on the net. That is why I didnt believe that he was actually serious. Other thing the program I am in is very difficult to get into in Canada since there is only 3 places there that offer it and one of them is in French. So NO I DID NOT LIE!!!!
    No one is stating you are lying, other than ImmotalE. Again, prepare for qeustions like, "when did you meet your husband? "Why did you come to the US?" "Were you engaged prior to coming to the US?" "Did you ever consider the K1 route?" or"Why did you marry after you came to the US?"

    These possible questions might help you understand what the AOS interview might be like. And again, just because some person or persons you ask did not get the fine may not indecate you may not get it. It will depend on the AOS interview and the immigration officer recommendation PERIOD> That is how our system works, unlike Canada.
    "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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      A canadian is a foreigner just like someone from Mexico or from Afghanistan.

      They go through all non immigrant processes like all other foreigners!

      And even if one lives or lived 2 yards away from the border (OUTSIDE of the US) that does not make one less of a Canadian or more of an American!

      Am amazed at how much Canadians always want to disassociate themselves from Canada and make themselves American by some sneaky method we Americans dont understand.

      The F1 visa process is not different just because one is Canadian or they live 2 inches from the US border OUTSIDE THE USA, be in Canda,Mexico or teh Atlantic!


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        She does not need an F-1 if she is Canadian. IT IS DIFFERENT IF YOU ARE CANADIAN. There is no F-1 process. Do you understand VISA EXEMPTION. LOOK IT UP - if you can read. We ARE NOT the same as Mexicans, Afgahanis, Americans, or Europeans etc.

        Very few Canadians want to "disassociate" themselves from Canada. Are you Canadian? If not - then b u t t out. What you think and know is just a big arrogant pretense.


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          First off I realize that I am a foreigner, I didnt need you to tell me that. Last time I checked it was on my birth certificate!!!!

          Second off I never said that I was less of a Canadian because I lived on the border. I was stating a simple fact.

          I never implied that I want to disassociate myself from Canada. I am proud to be a Canadian and I thank God every day that I wasnt born in a 3rd world country where people are starving to death and there is war. I am proud to say that where I lived you were able to leave your house and car unlock with no fear of being robbed. I am sorry to say but unfortunately in this country from what I have seen so far you cant.

          As it stands right now all I was saying was a Canadian doesnt matter what part of Canada weither he/she lived on the border or lives up in the Baffin Islands (North pole in case you didnt know) doesnt have to go for an interview at the consulate unlike someone from Mexico or Afganistan. What you dont understand is a Canadian moving to this country doesnt gain anything. As Canadians we dont have to worry if we fall sick that we are going to lose our house because we dont have proper medical insurance. We are able to to spend the first year with our child and be still be paid 60-80% of our salary . And we still have our job to come back to. Here the maximum time is 12 weeks unpaid all depending.

          You talk about us Canadians wanting to be American, well it seems to me that alot of people I have spoken to who are AMERICAN would rather live in Canada. What about all the people who were turned away at the border when BUSH was re-elected? And you talk about disassociation???!!!


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            Thank you Dragonlady, you put it well!!!!


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              If Canada is so good, what are you doing here in America? Am so tired of Canadians being arrogrant about how bad America is, yet they are always flowing here in droves.

              On a side note, how does it feel to be in a country that has no military force? I bet most Canadians rush here just to feel safer!

              Anyhow, you cant have it both ways:when you are in America, you need to humble up and get back to your arrogant mode when you return to cold humpty dumpty pot smoking Canada.

              Otherwise Americans dont care where you are from, you need to behave like other foreigners and tow the line, follow the laws and lay low like an envelope!

              When we need opinions about Canada, we will give them to you.

              America leads, others follow.If thats very hard to swallow, then get out!


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                In case you didnt know and maybe you need a history lesson is that the US was built on immigrants from all over the world including CANADA!!!!

                I never said the US was a bad place you did!!!!

                You are not going to tell me what I have to do as a foreigner in this country. It's people like you that cause the C R A P and put Good Americans to sham. No wonder so many countries around the world hate the US it's because of people like you! Big mouth and arrogant!!!

                You can take your opinions and put them where the sun dont shine.

                And as for the military we are a peace keeping country in case you werent educated enough to know that!!!!


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                  your chances at the interview are not looking good with this kind of attitude towards Americans.

                  Why do you leave your peace loving country and come here? Or you could not fit in in a peaceful environment?

                  I hope they ban Canadians from immigrating here, with all these preachings about how good their country is. No wonder we have so many whiners in this country because of thse Canadian mentality.

                  Immigrants from other countries really like America but Canadians feel like they are on a mission to convert America into becoming a colony of Canada!

                  Geez, how about Canadians moving Northwards instead of moving South? Am sure theres more space there!


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                    Hey madpoogie!

                    You are making me homesick. Family allowance - medicare - no

                    My BF is talking about coming home with me.

                    We are proud that we are have no military. we don't go into third world countries - s u c k them dry and then leave them to sink. I am Canadian - I have no need to be humble.( Most Canadian score 5 to 10 point higher on IQ tests than Americans - they are generally more intelligent and better educated). Hitler led - and the country followed. You are talking dictatorship and despotism. A little redneck are we Marasmus? I can see you drinking beer in your underweaer - cleaning yor gun. Yup - this is America.

                    You really are ignorant Marasmus -


                    • #70
                      Both of you need to go to Canada and practice your cowardice there.

                      USA is not a country of p u s s i e s and everyone knows that. If you f with us, we knock you out!! Simple. You come back with your family and we knock all of you out, including your dogs,cats, grizzly bears and all other animals you have. USA is the country that destroys everyone who plays with us.

                      The trail of damage is there for all to see.

                      Which country has the biggest military men,most healthy and on steroids? Yes USA.You dream it, we have it.

                      We are the world policeman, bully, executioner, leader and all. You dont agree with us, we ask you to leave, once, twice and 3 times you are out.

                      Its not IQ that leads the world, its power! Everyone knows USA, Canada is just known for being cold!

                      Way to go America!

                      Everyone dreams of coming to America. Canada is under-populated and many just become Canadians so that they can come to America! What a waste!

                      Canadians themselves are running away and coming to America.

                      Surely, need I say more? I think madpoodle will be denied AOS for being unAmerican and TOO canadian.The interviewer will just look for a reason, like say she did fraud to get her F1 visa, but it will be about being not ready to be an American.

                      She needs to live here a few more years to appreciate what it is about this country that rocks so much.Otherwise they ask her to leave and go back to pot-land.


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                        In some ways parts of Canada are similar to how many areas of the US USED to be. Low crime rate, friendly people, more job security. As far as people going to Canada just so they can later go to the US...the ones I know are happy to be in Canada and why wouldn't they be? They finished their educations there, got great jobs, health care, good and clean public transportation, don't see law enforcement officers every time they turn around and overall people are friendly and helpful. The streets and parks are clean and people take pride in their cities. It used to be that way here. Marasmus has shown just how much of a j erk he is, I think he is just trying to get reactions. I wish I had an hour to be so bored as to need to do that. I'm usually busy working. Strange concept to some I guess. I love the US and will always live here but I love to visit Canada! I don't see the big deal for madpoogie at all.... If it were me I'd do a free consult with an immi attorney and move right along. She did nothing wrong, has nothing to hide (at least not with her f-1 and aos from what she has said). That is an unlikely case to be viewed as marriage fraud or coming in with intent to immigrate in my humble opinion.


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                          Thank you Spring,

                          There is good and bad everywhere, no where is perfect and we all have our problems as for Marasss I didnt commit fraud I didnt say yes until I was living here. I didnt take him seriously, I thought he was just blowing smoke like most men....not all. Remember he was the one who kept proposing to me.


                          • #73
                            that part about many proposals is still up in the air, especially after you said he had other women on the internet.

                            Or maybe he kept proposing to all of them until the one who said yes first.


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