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    One of many possible scenarios:

    NED wins ENG, BRA wins FRA, GER wins ARG, ITA wins UKR; next GER wins ITA, BRA wins NED; next (final game) GER wins BRA , ITA wins NED (3rd and 4th place)..

    I could be totally wrong..


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      -quote by Boyan- Tuesday is the most important day. On Tuesday we'll see which views does the republican base support. -quote-

      On tuesday we will know who gets to quaterfinals, and that's what makes it an important day


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        ARG and GER made it already , along with POR and ENG.


        • #49
          I am not so sure about France vs Spain.


          • #50
            Neither am I.


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              Im from Brazil and what really freaks me out is when we play against Argentina. Antifacist said we don't ever lose to them , he's wrong! in the qualifiers we lost in their home: 3 x 1. They have 16 South American Cups. They are our biggest rivals in the world. Other thing: we are the only South American team who actually won in Europe . It was 1958, Sweden.


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                Dear respected Brazilian soccer fan Meekas!
                I opened this thread to get an updated info on current soccer game and appreciate your input.
                I personally have not been watching soccer for past 12 years (this year watched just litlle more than 10 minutes of the game between ARG and MEX) and most of what I know about soccer dates back to my memories before 1990.
                So, I might be wrong in more than one instance

                But I want to make this note here:

                I never said that Brazil could never lose to Argentina.
                In fact in 1986 Argentine - thanks to their lead player Diego M. - showed a truly prodigious game and I would say in million years Brazil didn't show equally virtuose game - including the years when legendary Pele was playing. In 1986, even if Pele would still be in his top performance and playing, I am confident Argentine would crush Brazil..

                What I said earlier under this thread was that Brazil always had TEAM (overall average performance of most of it's players) superior to Argentina (this , on my opinion, was true even when Argentina won X2 WC) and now, "in absence of it's single best ever player Argentina is likely to loose if ever faced Brazil".

                But you are right about 1958 WC - as confirmed by online source I quote below:

                "It was won by Brazil, who beat Sweden 5-2 in the final for their first title. The World Cup marked the debut on the world stage of 17-year-old Pelé, who would grow to be considered one of the greatest footballers of all time. It was also the last time that the competition was won by a new country apart from the hosts (i.e. every World Cup since 1958 has either been won by a previous winner or the host country)".




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                  france played real well in their match ... argentina really let me down in their game against mexico even though they won but they'll face germany and germany is really on the top ... i think germany will probably beat argentina... italy played good with a man down to win over australia with luck on their side... "better lucky then good"
                  ghana will lose to brazil ... brazil is just in a good form .. ghana don't stand a chance...
                  ukraine is doing ok... don't know if they have enough to beat Italy in the quaterfinals ... * they'll win over switzerland today * ...
                  best game will probably b when France faces brazil ...
                  England will beat portugal to advance to quater finals ...
                  Brazil and France will face off in the quater finals most probably
                  that willl be a game to watch ...
                  Germany vs Argentina ... Germany has a better chance since Argentina is starting to wearoff ..
                  Germany is in just a very good form
                  Italy will face off Ukraine in their quaterfinal ... Italy has a better chance to win
                  England will face off either brazil or France in the semi final ... England is gonna lose ofcoarse to Brazil Or France ... since they're better ..
                  the other semi final will probably b between Germany and Italy ... Germany will probably win ...
                  so we're looking at Brazil / France facing off Germany in the finals ...
                  all three are great teams .. lets see


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                    Who wants to bet?

                    I bet 10 bubble gums that Germans have best chance to advance to finals and beat Brazil.
                    I also bet 15 bubble gums that Germans will win Argentina.
                    I've got 50 bubble gums total (you are welcome to use them).

                    How many of remaining bubble gums and for what outcomes would you bet?


                    • #55
                      i bet 5 on ARG for now.


                      • #56
                        Hm, still 20 bubble gums left.. who else wants to bet and for what outcome?

                        ..Mpod, are you using my bubble gums to bet against my bet?


                        • #57
                          if you don't want to share, I have my own


                          • #58
                            I bet 1 gum that Italy will play for 3rd place.
                            Still 14 bubble gums left.

                            (Mpod, no, I didn't say I don't want to share, but asked if you are betting my gums against my bets )


                            • #59
                              I bet 5, Brazil play ARG in finals, and Germany will go to 3rd place after winning england.


                              • #60
                                You are welcome to waste my bubble gums !


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