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Financial Support Trial: Cheryl Uzamere vs. the former Senator Ehigie Edobor Uzamere

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  • Originally posted by Sprint_girl07:
    Unique, have you actually read everything and heard all the recordings on her site?
    If not, I would suggest you should so you can see the clearer picture of all this.

    First this was about her husband being a Green Card fraudster and suing for millions of dollars, now its all about money money money for something she is NOT entitled to.

    Like Michael said (which for first time I agree), she is capable of working and does have some talent on the net. Bi-polar does not keep you from working for lots of people and with all her hard work she has been doing this past year or so on this case and going to court pro-se, she can clearly do something.
    Instead she wants to stay in her situation and sue for money she can't get.

    No matter what is right or wrong, she cannot claim child support when the State took care of her daughter (and her son by someone previously) and for spousal support. No one is going to give it to her for half a day marriage.
    She should concentrate on the divorce and getting on with her life, not spending her time going after something she can't get and threatening or filing complaints to everyone in the process because they are not doing what she wants(including judges).

    She says she needs money for the family as they need it. Why doesn't her daughter and son ever say anything anywhere or why haven't they ever been in the picture here? Don't they have a say? Maybe they have not been seen or heard anywhere because they don't want this to happen and are embarrassed?
    I sure would be embarrassed if my mum spread my name around the internet and told the world that my father didn't want to know me and ran off back to Nigeria.
    She is 28 now not a little girl.
    I'm not unaware of Cheryl's situation or disposition. She's deep into a lifestyle that's as difficult to break way from as an addiction to heroine.

    By putting her down and rubbing salt into the wound, only destroys her self confidence. Cheryl has talent and skills, and could and should be in the work place. No, she is not a website designer. But like I mentioned before, she could be an excellent paralegal.

    Wouldn't you guys rather encourage someone to succeed, rather than put then down?


    • Unique, maybe you should try giving her advice about how to treat people. I think it is sweet of you trying to have everyone treat her nicely but I don't think it would work with the way she carries on like a bull in a china shop.

      Anyway..she has us all in the iggy bin so she isn't feeling bad as she can't read it (apparently). She is a toughie, and I am sure she would come back here and say so because she loves an argument.

      Unique, I know what you are saying and yes it would be nice if we are all nicey nice and support her, but personally I do not support her actions and I DO NOT support her on what she is trying to say or do about immigrants through marriage base.

      She constantly puts down anyone who posts to her unless they agree with her. She even attacks anyone in authority, even the judges. I think she needs to take lessons on how to treat people, not us.

      Oh one last thing..have you read her posts around the board where she attacks people, accuses them and puts them down for not speaking English correctly?

      Cheryl seriously needs to know how to talk to people in a better way if she wants support or even a time of day imo.
      God Bless America - God Bless Immigrants - God Bless Poor Misguided Souls Too

      National Domestic Violence Hotline:
      1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.


      • Encourage her to succeed in what? She has spent 28 years of her retarded life pursuing the objective of attacking people she thinks have wronged her. Don't you think its time for her to move on? That would be success, not the persuit of hate and revenge for some alleged wrong. What do you want her to succeed at; furthering the waste of her life? I am the nicest person and most supportive person on this board as everyone knows. All my posts are full of support, life and love. I am giving her the "tough love" she needs to break her addiction.


        • A retard gone wild.
          Michael (Power of ILW)
          Supreme Lord and Chief of


          • She went full retard


            • What do you call a full retard gone wild?
              Michael (Power of ILW)
              Supreme Lord and Chief of


              • People can be very cruel. Cheryl is not a bad person at all. She just doesn't understand how she is perceived.

                The one big difference between Cheryl and everybody else, is that Cheryl has revealed her true identity and therefore is more vulnerable to criticism. She is just braver and more forthright than the rest of us.

                Cheryl has paid a big price for her honesty. Everyone else is just anonymous, and safe.


                • I wholeheartedly concur with you.
                  Almighty of
                  Super-Duper Royal Male Lion of


                  • What? You stupid or what.
                    Michael (Power of ILW)
                    Supreme Lord and Chief of


                    • Cheryl Uzamere, the original poster on this thread, has been arrested for threatening to kill a New York Supreme court judge.


                      She is currently undergoing a pychiatric evaluation.


                      • Originally posted by Demosthenes:
                        Cheryl Uzamere, the original poster on this thread, has been arrested for threatening to kill a New York Supreme court judge.


                        She is currently undergoing a pychiatric evaluation.
                        The woman needs help. Good thing they got her before a repeat of last week's events in Texas and Florida happened in New York.


                        • Another article is here, though the author needs to learn the meaning of the word "verbally".

                          Reading her website, it's obvious her behavior and anger has been accelerating - I remember reading the threat regarding the disguise there first.

                          Lets hope she actually gets some help.
                          The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it - Plutarch


                          • You know who the real victim is? Her poor daughter, for having her crazy mother expose her picture and details all over the internet. My prayers are with her that she can find some happiness, peace and closure to this chapter of her life.


                            • The continuing saga . . .


                              • Cheryl ! What have you done my darling, my love of my life !!!!


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