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    Hey veryscarycat,
    I'm glad that you've got an attorney. I'm pretty sure everything is going to be fine. Good luck with everything and let me know how things progress.


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      My gut feeling is confirmed then, you're from the Philippines. But your own gut feeling missed the mark: I'm not dude. Good luck, kabayan!


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by veryscarycat:

        of all the comments posted in this discussion, you're the only person who understands 245i. grrr! aside from HERBIT, thanks dude!

        Yes, im with Atty. Michael Gurfinkel. so if TEMPLAR is trying to challenge my lawyer's ability then ill just say WTF do you knw! haha!

        Thanks guys (Roguhneigbor & Herbit)!

        Templar - go home and eat potato. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
        Feel free to pay your lawyers thousands of dollars and maybe or maybe not get denied
        We do that for free around here.

        Having a lawyer never gaurantees a green card but it does guarantee your wallet will be lighter.


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          hey roughneigbor, my bad! =)

          nt from the phils. but my close friends are.
          we have tfc in our place and thats the reason why i knew about atty. gurfinkel.

          TEMPLAR - anything else to say? now you're triggering on my lawyer and the fee. but hey, next thing you'll knw, im gonna hook up with your mom and ill be your daddy.


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            I see. You are an out of status squater from Phillipine. It all makes sense now.


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              Hey Templar!

              Don't be offended if you are wrong and shout out racism against anybody. Stop being a pretender as if you know all the laws.

              Im pretty sure you are also looking forward to get some opinions and answers to your immigration poblems in this Forum. Coz if not you wouldn't be registered here at all.

              Make Sense?

              Hope you'll learn to accept your wrong opinions. Most importantly, learn not to judge people by its color, country nor culture.

              Have a great weekend!


              • #22
                Judge what? Nothing was and is judged. No racism was shouted. Perhaps you have an inferioty complex that make you rush to the judgement? Perhpas you are ashamed of your nationality?

                My opinin was not wrong. The OP initiall didn't provide info that he was an out-of-status illegal overstay. My interp. was correct sans that info.

                And no, I am not looking for any immigration advices.


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                  TEMPLAR IS FAGGETT!

                  By the way, I was with you sister last night. We really had a great time. Guess what, she's pregnant...


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