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Egyptian Pharmacist, how to immigrate to USA

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  • Egyptian Pharmacist, how to immigrate to USA

    Hi all,
    This is my first post here and I'm yet not fully aware of posting rules in your great forum, so plz forgive me if I have done any mistake,

    Now to my quesiton, I'm Egyptian pharmacist. I had my bachelor degree 5 years ago, with VERY GOOD all 5 years, currently doing master in Cairo EGYPT and would like to go for FPGEE, but how can I go for immigration to USA and work as a pharmacist there,

    Your advice, will be higlh appreciated

    Thanks and regards,
    Light glimps at the end of tunnel.

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    Hi there...

    if you marry or get admission in masters then u can come as a student...after completion of your masters you will get 1 year OPT where you can try to find a job... jobs are not hard to find for US educated pharmacists... so thats better option for you...

    if you come some other legal way then you have to pass exam and then do i guess 2 or 3 years internship then you have to clear board exams and then u can work as a pharmacist... i will give you details next time when i have more free time... good luck...Pasha


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      Thank u very much for your reply, I'm married so first optin is out of question. I heared that when u pass FPGEE some employers can sponsor me to work for them but what abut the internship before working, how can I do it when I don't have a visa to USA, will they allow FPGEE holders to stay in USA for internship? and then get a job?
      I'll be gratful t u if u could point me to a web site related to this issue " foreign pharmacist regulations to immigrate or land in USA"

      Best regards and thanks again.
      Light glimps at the end of tunnel.


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        Hi kingtut...

        FPGEE is for people that have legal status to stay in USA. For you to get admission in masters is the best solution. You have to pass GRE and TOFEL with good score... GRE – 1850 and TOFEL – 600 ... in some program it requires you to take GMAT also with at least 550 scores... then you apply in different universities in masters program in pharmacy like MS Pharmaceutics, MS Pharmacy Administration, MS Industrial Pharmacy, MS Pharmacology/Toxicology etc...

        If u get I -20 from university then you go to us consulate for student visa... once u r done with your master program then u can explore lot of opportunities over here...but right now no use of talking about that .... Work hard and pass these exams to get admission... good luck...Pasha


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          Hi Patel
          I was looking on the net to find study materials to take the FPGEE and found your conversation with Kingtut,
          I went through all the procedures you discussed, I got a Ph.D from an American University and I had the opportunity to get an OPT but for other reasons I had to come back to my home country. I got my Ph.D in Pharmacognosy (school of Pharmacy) in May 2004 and I currently work in a Universty but would like to study the FPGEE and get a license as a pharamcist. I will probably get a chance for a postdoc. in the US and want to study for FPGEE as well. So:
          DO you know of any study material for the FPGEE?
          What is an intership? CAn I just practice pharmacy after passing the FPGEE?


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            am very sorry for bothering but am new here and i dont know exactly how proceed,,,so p*** excuse my mistakes..
            am an egyption pharmacist graduated since 2002 and am very intersted in taking the FPGEE but i dont know how or where or who i can go for....simply i want to be an eligible pharmacist in the USA and i dont know how to do p*** could help meeeeeeeeee.....


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              any body now online can replay meee


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                To Emy: Oh no not another one. Why don't you just mend your white hood and get on with your weekend activities.


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                  Have you considered other countries such as the UK? It is not easy, but might be a bit easier to get admitted based on your qualifications. The UK is just as much of a popular destination for immigrants as the US and believe me there are plenty of them in London. Mind you, the area of London is two times the size of NYC and its five boroughs combined. Loads professionals and also Americans are moving to the the mother country nowadays.


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                    the same for me , i am really in need of a job i want to emmigrate to the united states., all i need is someone that can help me with the emmigration , maybe an employer , the we can talk on a contract bases, on how to split the , pay , or on how long i will work for him or her , i will be hgrate full, i am a truck driver thanks call me on 2348066642832, that my number thanks.


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                      I tried to call you but call did not go're right!


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