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  • Overstaying

    Does anyone out there know what happens to someone that overstays? Say for example that the enter the country on the visa waiver program and for whatever reason over stay. Does the DHS catch them on the way out? Or is it simply a matter of computer technology and they are banned when or if they ever apply for another visa from their home country? Does any one have any thoughts on this subject?

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    Does anyone out there know what happens to someone that overstays? Say for example that the enter the country on the visa waiver program and for whatever reason over stay. Does the DHS catch them on the way out? Or is it simply a matter of computer technology and they are banned when or if they ever apply for another visa from their home country? Does any one have any thoughts on this subject?


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      From what ive understood, they will allow you to leave with no problem, but you will have trouble re entering the country and it will last depending on how long you've overstayed.

      If you overstayed for more then 5-10 years, then i will advize you to stay and apply for the upcoming amnesty that should be enacted by june/july...If you overstayed for less then 2years, then you should leave, but you will be banned for at least, 3 years.

      Some of my friends from ireland have overstayed their visa waiver for 10+ years and didnt want to leave because they had heard that if they leave, they will be banned for 10 years from re entering, so they are all awaiting the upcoming amnesty to become americans just like aliba someon12 and anfascist. hahahahahaha.


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        It's not me that overstayed, i'm an American citizen. It's my girlfriend. She is from the UK and she has been here just over a year. I'm preparing to start Law School in London in September and we're looking to leave in July. She's worried that they will hold her if she leaves through a major airport like Chicago (since we're in the midwest). We're not concerned about the ban, we aren't likely to need to come back. We're just worried about getting out of here with no trouble. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.


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          im very certain that they would not give her any problem, in fact, they will be glad that she's departing evenhough its a bit late..Its not like they will stop her from departing and throw her in jail..One thing for sure is, if/when she decides to come back on a visit, she will be turned back on the spot.


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            IMHO, you should go on to London ahead of your girlfriend and start school. If all goes well this new proposal MIGHT allow her to legalise her situation and join you in less than a year.

            Suppose you DO need to come back to the US? Never say never. Cover all your bases...


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              she's ineligible because she overstayed for about a year...the new bill tha is being discussed divides the group into 3 groups..if you overstayed for less then 2 years, then you are not elegible..5 years and you could go to a US port of entry and come in as a guest worker and if you overstayed for more then 5 years, then you will have a clean path to ciizenship baring any criminal she definatly wont make the cut to even come back as a guest worker.


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                there is no way in hell i'm going on to London without her. She doesn't work, i've supported her the entire time she's been here and she knows very few people. The chances of us coming back here to live after the last year of hell are slim to none. We'll be traveling together. Besides, her visa would have expired last may, so she won't be eligible for the amnesty. It's better that we just get her out of here before anything bad happens and go back home. She's got a job waiting for her and I've got school, which should lead to a job. It's been one immigration nightmare after another for us and we just want to get it sorted. Speaking of which, do any of you know of any good forums like this one for UK immigration?


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                  great, another supporter of those who have absolutely no respect for our laws. Tell your UK t w a t that the visa waiver is a privilege, bestowed upon those who are responsible adults, not lying dirtbags. And you are even worse, condoning such behavior.


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                    and you are a lonely pathetic ******* with nothing better to do than to judge people based on nothing more than a few threads posted in a forum. You know nothing about her and very little about the situation. But then I need to remember that prejudice has no reasoning behind it. Life gets back at little people like yourself.


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                      Don't bait the ILW name-callers. It plays into their hands. Notice that those of use who know better ignore it and keep the discussion to the topic at hand and avoid the personal attacks.

                      "To thine own self be true."


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                        You're right. It just burns me that someone can be so prejudicial. This is supposed to be the land of the free, etc...And I think being an American is about diversity and do my best not to make judgements about others until i get to know them and the facts surrounding their situation. I myself have been an illegal in another country and I can identify with how it feels to be a shadow in a society and unable to fully enjoy a "legal" status.


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                          dear Midwest2006: there was NOTHING stopping her from returning to the Uk...she supposedly had a round trip airline ticket...she was not in a coma for a year nor shackled to a wall, so any other excuses are as lame as two day old Weetabix. We hear this whining krap from illegal alien supporters constantly...."oh, you don't now the whole wasn't his/her fault..." Beee Esss. I repeat, for the intelligence-impaired....there was NOTHING preventing her from obeying our laws, and there is NO hor$e$hit story you can produce that will have any foundation in reality....she cannot claim political asylum since the UK is a modern country, the airlines have not been on a year-long strike, and any other 'personal' issues are just window-dressing. She is an irresponsible illegal alien, no different than the other 12 million scumbags occupying space in the US. She (like you, apparently) has NO respect for our rules and laws..... Of course, you, having admitted to being an illegal in another country, only reveal your own irresponsibility and lack of respect for another country's rules, so why should we come to her rescue because you are suddenly so 'concerned?" Answer: no one gives a $hit. Deport her a$$..tomorrow. <sniffle sniffle? gosh this is so unfair.....(yea, right)


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                            someone twelve,
                            no where in my post did I say that either she or I were not in the wrong, nor did I claim that either of us were anything other than two people that loved each other. The "personal" window dressings that you spoke of...I wonder if you might think differently if you found yourself in a similar situation. I merely asked what was going to happen when we leave in a few months, I did not pretend that what we had done wasn't wrong, nor was I looking for someone to blame. It was a choice she made, and she understands that she is responsible for that choice, just as I understood I was responsible for my own choices when I was overseas. Fortunately for her (and the other 12 million illegals) you're not the head of the Department of Homeland Security or we'd all be s c r e w e d, USC's included. Fascism has no room in my mind or my heart and would like it if you'd kindly leave me, my girlfriend and our private life out of your fascist idealism. Wake up, we live in the 21st century and the cold war and other fascists went out a long time ago.


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                              It's not facism, you idiot,it's patriotism. I love my country, and my country has rules...which are (were) made to be followed....period. No excuses, no BS...and your gf knowingly broke those rules and therefore I am not interested in spending time worrying about her fate in the future, insofar as the US of A is concerned. She made her bed, she can lay down in it.
                              She knew the rules, she's a grown-up, now she can pay the penalty and who gives a rat's a$$ about her plight in the future....laws are for responsible adults to obey, a fact apparently that was lost even on you, by your own admission.


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