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    Someone12 you are a


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      Patriot..........well said.


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        SunnyJohn, you are like all the rest..plain ignorant.


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          ask someone12 and paddy what they think of african americans...those biggots feels like african americans arent americans and they should all be deported to africa, along with the undocumented workers...someone12 and paddy are well known racist on this board.
          AS an african american, i despise racist extremist like you, and that is why i take the side of the undocumented workers because i see the same treatments and verbal abuse on immigrants that i see on african americans. everyday, i get profiled by cops because i drive a nice cars, they feel like i sold drugs to get my car..this is the same people that feels like if you speak and looks spanish, then you must be an illegal. i hate racist people like paddy and someone12.


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            dear jean2005: in case you weren't paying attention (and you weren't), illegal aliens are NOT a race, you idiot. NOwhere did I say I wanted AfricanAmericans deported....please find a single posting that evens hints of such a suggestion. I don't care what color or race an illegal alien is, illegal is just plain illegal, period.
            Those of you who have no rational arguments to support your position try to play the race card, and it is tiresome (just like that race-card waving McKinney)....anytime something doesn't go your way, it's always about racism....blah blah blah.....sorry, that is a broken record.


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              This to someone12, just shut up please, you yourself are starting to sound like a broken record. Dream up some new arguments please, if you're going to continue this boring argumentative attitude. Btw, you speak to everyone on this site as though we're all children that are too dumb to come in out of the rain. I'm a USC and I could have the very attitude that you have and say all immigrants out, legal or illegal. Then where would you stand. Regardless of whether or not you are legal, you weren't born here and you're taking up a job that could otherwise be occupied by a true U.S. born citizen. Fortunately, myself and some of the more influential people in this country adopt tolerance even for ignorant people like you who spout off at the mouth for no other reason than to elevate your own meager existence.

              Now having got that off my chest, I think all of you have entirely too much time on your hands. Have you nothing better to do than sit around and argue about a topic that none of you can fix? Don't you have homes, lives, jobs and other responsibilities to attend to? It would seem to me that if any one of you truly wants to do something about the problem in this country then get up off you a ss, turn off your computer and go do something about it. Sitting around and arguing online with people whom you have never met is not going to help solve the problem.


              • #22
                actually, I was born here and am doing a job that ONLY an American citizen can do, and I will continue to voice my opinions on illegal immigration whether I have your permission or not. The last time I checked, you had not been elected or chosen as the Grand Poobah of ILW.Com nor any other site, so eff off.
                And, based on your mypoic, unpatriotic views, you and most (if not all) of the illegal alien supporters are too dumb to come in out of the rain, because you do not respect US laws, just like your irresponsible gf.


                • #23
                  Immediately nothing, exept the fact that your job options will be restaurant, deli, cleaning, landscaping,but if you eventually will find a way to legalize yourself -it will be remembered.


                  • #24
                    job that ONLY an American citizen can do

                    What would that be? Dying for the US in Iraq?Good luck,,,


                    • #25
                      Not even that, there's many soldiers who are LPR's now fighting in Iraq.
                      But to be a congressman you do need to be a citizen! Interesting...


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                        There are illegal immigrants entering the country everyday...what about those clever dogs coming on a visa, visiting and have NO intentions returning to their country. Planed out from their counrty (in conspiracy from the get go). They're playing the system...they get married in the US, file for asylum , have a baby to implicate the situation. Still here...two years later, expecting a child. That's what all illegeal immigrants are doing...having children. So what category will they fit in! What a joke! The more complicated it gets, the longer they stay.


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