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  • need a immigration lawyer

    I am looking for a good immigration laywer in Los Angles CA or in the Orange county area. I need help in my marraige to a foreign national. thanks

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    I am looking for a good immigration laywer in Los Angles CA or in the Orange county area. I need help in my marraige to a foreign national. thanks


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      What are you trying to do? YOU are not a US citizen yet. You cannot give your wife any legal status here unless you become a citizen.

      You have a problem with becoming a citizen because of probation for the DUI.

      If you marry your girlfriend, and she decides to stay here, at some point she will become illegal if she does not return home in alloted time.

      THEN... once you are married, she becomes immigrant intent, and will be denied entry to usa. if she lies to get in and says not married, it will show up later and it is fraud.

      If you wish to speak with the lawyer, best thing to discuss is how long do you have to wait to apply for citizenship based on the dui conviction and probation. If he can find a way around that problem, then it is not that bad of a situation, as you can marry her and wait for approval of citizenship and you will be good to go.

      Please let us know how you make out.

      This is a sad story becuase of the amount of time you spent as LPR. Take care please and Best Wishes


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        thanks for 4now for your relpy. My problem is trying to figure out what is my best apporach to my situation. first off I am a LPR residing here for many years never got my USC. I finally met someone worth my wait so I plan to get married we have been seeing each other for 2 years so far. I vist her she vists me and so on she has a visitor visa to come to the US with a I-94 which she does not abuse cause she is usually here for for a few days every 3 months or so. I plan on getting my USC but I recently got a DUI... yup.. in sept 2005 so make things worse. the bad part is you can not get a USC if you are on probation which I have served 2 years out of the 3 that was given to me. I am getting the probation terminated soon hopefully it works out. My main issue is timing, I would like to get married sometime next year but can I get married while I am in the process of citizenship? or should I wait first to get my citizenship then get married? I am not sure how it works. My main goal is to be togehter after we get married instead of being apart for years at a time.


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          There is nothing stopping you from getting married. no law can do that. But it is about being saavy and smart and timing like u said.

          Once you get married, as I explained, She will not be able to travel back and forth to see you. She will now have immigrant intent and Tourist visa is non immigrant. You cannot give her status to be immigrant becuase you are not us citizen. LPR wait time for spouse is few years.

          The best scenario is to get citizenshiop and get married because you can marry and get adju of status for your wife and she wont have to leave country if she is here.

          2nd scenario is as you say. get married while you are applying.. then wait til citizenship is approved and send letter to upgrade the petition for us citizen petitioning for your wife . But wathch out. what if your name check take s really long time like many right now. waiting 2 years etc.

          Give some long and hard thought and visit a competent attorny to help you decide what is best. If you are not citizen, your wife will be staying here as illegal.. if you marry and she leaves the country, she will not be admitted back in because of immigrant intent. if she lies about the intent, then it is visa fraud.

          Is it possible that she get a student visa to college to stay until you get citizenship?


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