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  • Where is Glühbirne?


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      I am right here. I was sick yesterday, so I didn't sign on. I was too dizzy to get out of bed.
      Have a nice day


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        I didn't remember seeing post from you in a while, hope you're feeling better.


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          Morning sickness?!

          Glue, as much as you are a pain in my b u t t s, I DO wish you and hubby the very best when the time does come.

          I also want you to know, I am trying everything in my power to change my way of thinking.

          I'm real sorry that I offended you.
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            Thanks Josephine. Although your sudden change of attitude is a little baffling to me, I'll accept it with open arms

            I'm pretty sure it wasn't morning sickness (although I can't rule that completely out ). We went on a very long drive on Sunday and we didn't get back until very late. The road was full of sharp curves and I got motion sickness so bad that it lasted until the next day.
            Have a nice day


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              Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hate long drives.
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Oh it just makes my little heart happy to hear that you two are getting along. Is this a sign that this board is turning things around to provide a positive environment??

                I'm usually afraid to post here (you know about this Gluhbirne!) because of the personal attacks!!

                You guys are awesome!!


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                  Hey Angie. It looks like things are on the up, although you can never be sure what to expect..... Hey, I might be relocating to your state Say, have you heard anything about Gold Beach? Ever been there? What do you think?
                  Have a nice day


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                    HHHMMMM.......I don't know much about the southern beach area but have heard it is beautiful. Just remember though, the Oregon Coast is 90% of the time cloudy and gloomy, drizzly and rains a lot. If you like that, I'm sure you would love it there. They are small communities along the coastline but you probably already knew that.

                    Did you go to my link in the AGJOBS post and email the senators to support AGJOBS. It does an email for you if you just put in some info!! Gosh, I wish I was smarter about politics though to know where this is at in the whole process of becoming law.....any insight or anything you have heard?


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                      I'm no political scientist myself. I've heard that it's most likely going to pass. I'll write a note to my congressman tonight for you He's semi-moderate republican. I think he may already be for AGjobs, but I can't quite remember. I try to pay some attention to politics, although sometimes I get so darn disgusted that I just have to put down the paper or turn off the T.V. I always read the little "voter handbook" that they send out at election time. My beliefs are just really mixed up and they don't fit into any box. On some issues I agree with the Democrats, on others with the Republicans. I've been called a "conservative" by some and a "liberal" by others. It's all relative, I guess. I hope that Agjobs passes for your families' and for my sister-in-laws' sake.

                      I didn't vote for the gubernator.
                      Have a nice day


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                        You and I are alike in so many ways!!! I have varied beliefs ranging from conservative to liberal too. That is why I have a hard time voting too.


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                          Please stay on board!
                          You are one of the few, voice of REASON here

                          Always wishing you the best,



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                            Viva La Mehico!
                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              Unfortunatley, many people feel they have to attack others and impose their beliefs and morals on them. It does prevent many people from sharing their experiences and that is truly a loss to all of us.

                              Usually, we just let their insults run off our back but I know that sometimes people are hurt by their childish and often prejudical comments... That is an unfortunate fact...

                              But others of us try our best to defend those that are attacked and insulted for now justifiable reason... Glad to see that at least at times you are willing to post your thoughts...



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