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I-485: just married. wife needs to change name/ssn?

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  • I-485: just married. wife needs to change name/ssn?

    Will my new wife need to change her last name to my family name and/or change her social security # for adjustment of status? She is now on OPT that will expire in January.

    If it's not necessary, would a name change make things smoother anyway?

    Thank you.

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    You also have an option to change your name (adopt HER last name instead of her adopting yours).


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      Changing names is not going to make things "smoother". A real marriage is what CIS cares about, not any tricks or coverups.
      If you want to change your name go for it, the same applies to your wife. There's many reasons why women these days decide to keep their names; work, kids and many others.
      A name change is not going to make things easier or harder, it's almost irrelevant if you cannot show a bona fide marriage.
      For instance, you can have your name changed and both names on bank accounts, but if you two don't reside together your chances are slim to none on getting an application approved. This is because CIS cares about a real marriage in substance, beyond any artifices.
      This is not legal advice, consult an attorney if you require legal help.


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        Thanks a lot for the responses. Does the same go for social security numbers? Would she only have to change that if she changes her name?


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          Again, some people don't like the paperwork and long lines that usually come with a name change, some people prefer to keep a name that clients or associates know, some others have other reasons to keep their name. This does not make the marriage more or less valid or viable.
          What makes the marriage a valid one is your "intent to live together" more than anything else.
          Consult with your attorney if you need help, this is not legal advice.


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            Houston gave you a good and valid advise (notwithstanding his disclaimer).


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              It's not advice, only a personal opinion. Those in need of advice should hire the services of a legal office.


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                (notwithstanding his disclaimer).
                That's why I added " (notwithstanding his disclaimer)".

                You sound like a young college student.


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