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  • Urgent!!!

    Pleas help me out in this new project I just started!!! Undocumented students can go to college!!!

    You can find more information by visiting:

    Tell your friends about it!!!

    If you are going to make negative comments, please do not waiste your time.

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    Pleas help me out in this new project I just started!!! Undocumented students can go to college!!!

    You can find more information by visiting:

    Tell your friends about it!!!

    If you are going to make negative comments, please do not waiste your time.


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      Sem--You'd better get used to negative comments and come up with answers other than your sob story. I've been sending mine to my Congresspeople, and you're going to have to be able to rebut them. Debate is a fine old American tradition--obviously one you're not up to.


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        Congrataluations on a unique idea to handling this subject. I don't see any sob story, so I wish you good luck!


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          What was his whole original message but a sob story??!! (Oops, that was in another track of messages, but it's the same poster.) I believe the title of his original track was along the lines "If you want to go to college..." and started off with how he was brought to this country from Mexico by his parents at the age of 14, and how being illegal isn't his choice, etc., etc., culminating in a pitch for support for legislation which would allow him to legalize and go to (get $) for college.


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            Acelaw--the original thread was "You can go to college!" Here's his message (note in particular the last line about getting support so they can pay to attend college as a "regular" student):

            posted March 15, 2004 06:55 PM
            We were brought to this country by our parents who wanted to give us a better life style. Unfortunately, we are neither residents nor citizens of this country, we were brought without a choice; which makes us undocumented people.
            We all know that we have been through difficult situations during our trajectory toward success. We haven't gotten it yet, but we are fighting to get an education so that our dreams will come true one day.

            I am another person who has gone through many struggles just like you, facing the same situation. My name is Sem Moreno and I am a senior at Concord High School in North Carolina. I was brought from Mexico to this country when I was fourteen years old. My parents brought me here because they wanted to give me a better life and to achieve success. I would like to continue my education, but there is something getting on my way, which makes it harder for me to keep going. I have been in this country for about three years and I have achieved many honors and awards, also, I have served the community in so many ways. My aspirations are to be an architect and get a nice and lovely family. But sometimes, there are some things that we can't change or do by ourselves. That is why I am asking you to cooperate and work with me in this project. The only way this dream will come true is by being persistent, never losing our perspective.

            I would like to encourage you to participate in this new project. I will be collecting biographies from different students across this country whose status is undocumented. These biographies will be compiled into a book. The book will get to the president's hands and I hope we will get a positive answer from him concerning our undocumented status. The book is going to be called: "DO NOT LEAVE US BEHIND." If you want to get more information about it, please visit the website at The deadline is coming soon, so hurry up.!!! The whole point of this project is to get support from the government and by doing this, get the opportunity to attend college and pay as a regular student.


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              Maybe I should send President Bush biographies of some of my Turkish students, who ranked among the top students in the Turkish national examination, and who would love to attend college here on the U.S. taxpayers/ dime! Of course, they're obeying our laws...but what the heck!


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                Well, I don't know anything about your Turkish top notchs, but I agree that if someone was brought here as a minor, and obviously this kid is still a minor and all he's desiring for is a secondary education, that's great. We have all the money in the world to start wars for the very rich, but no dough to educate our own children or the children of this world. An educated population would be a more peacefull and enlightened one in contrast to all these monkeys fighting over stone aged issues...


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                  what point are you trying to make here?
                  There is a bill in Congress, called Dream Act, it has a bi-partisan support (what MORE do you want?), and odds are that it will someday pass.
                  Then you will have your GC and be eligible for Fin. Aid to attend the college of your choice.

                  Just collecting names of Undocumented Aliens willing to study here?
                  What will you accomplish by doing that?
                  Petition Congressmen?
                  They already debated this issue and it even passed the vote in committee.
                  And President has many more important tasks to attend to than read such a book.

                  Also, it seems that you have your parents here with you. So, they could support you in some way if you wanted to go to college.
                  And if you are looking for good education at in-state tuition rates check out CUNY in NY.
                  But you would have to live in NY for a while before you qualify for in-state tuition.
                  With your parents here and WORKING you should be able to make it through.

                  Good luck!

                  And don't make your postings sound as if you were asking for money, financial support or anything of like.
                  That would be the surest way to ruin the support base for your fellow undocumented students, since many people here are fed up with immigrants already and they feel insulted by a thought that they should also pay for your education.
                  This is not 60's, man, wake up!

                  Good Luck
                  and study well.


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