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Scientific Facts and the Holy Quran

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    The Holy Quran is good for horse toilet paper and to pick up doggy messes


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      To everyone: please disregard michael's comments. even insane people can make sense, but not this item!!!!

      someone: I would agree with you to some extent but saying that women are treated like cattle is overly stated especially when you yourself have never experienced it. If you look around, it is not only in certain countries or religion but rather almost everywhere, that men think of them as superior form, which ofcourse does not make it justified. If you read American contitutional cases, you will find lots of prcedents where women have been victims of discrimination on basis on race and ***. If this can happen in country like usa then these third world countires need time to learn and we too....good day


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        ****, you can argue that only a couple decades ago, a black person is nothing but a 2nd class citizen in this country...

        My problem with moslem (I know, I'm generalizing here) is on how quick the follower of the religion follows their ustadz, kyai, sheikh, ayatollah, etc condemnation of the US without having the intelligence to see where the problem truly lies. Maybe its because of low education level, or maybe just human's cowardly nature to blame the problem on others instead of taking responsibility of their action, who knows?


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          Happygolucky you are without doubt completely deluded. Islam is a male dominated religion that oppresses women and the weak. I think that it is also an evil religion simply especially as some forms of it deliberately teach hate and intolerance of other religions. But what really disturb me is murdering someone in the name of allah. I'll never forget the first beheading by those evil ba s t a r d s in Iraq....and did they or did they not justify the murder in the name of allah. I'm sorry but I cannot just stand by without saying something when I see a fellow man be as cruel as that, yet the large majority of muslims would cheer at such an event. Until you muslim cowards stand up and eradicate the extremists in your religion instead of being passive or supportive of these terrorists then my view will never change


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            paddy: I think we are just discussing it rather than getting it on nerves. Stay cool friend. You are accusing the whole community just because few fanatics did wrongs. dont forget, and ofcourse history speaks for itself, that every era has given rise to extremists and lunis, so we are not living in a perfect world. Actually, we have a wrong concept here. If someone is bad, it is not religion's fault. No religion teaches you to do things, which are considered bad. Plus your dont raise your blood pressure. It would not change the world rather and by the way, your views count nothing. It is not even like a drop in the occean. so chill out and relax........hava a nice weekend


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              Why do women have to dress so strictly and men do not?

              You are wrong here. Islam says, women have to dress strictly and men had to control their eyes not to look into the physical charm of the women beyond their marriage. Controlling the eyes could be more difficult than covering the body with cloths. Everythime someone criticizes islam, simply brings the first part and omit the other. I hope you will not say men need more clothing than women. Then you are from a different planet!!! The essence is restraining from *** beyond marriage here. And the best way to do it not to pormote physical charm in public. Got it?


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                Someone: The pathetic part is that you are "beating about the bush". Sorry to tell you that your information is based on surmises and conjectures and you have failed to understand the basic spirit and you just cannot. It is not your fault by the way. I think you guys are beyond the understanding, as there is a huge huge difference of moral, religious and cultural values. It will take ages for you to understand the concepts. Go enjoy your weekend as you have learnt to. God bless you


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                  The problem is it maybe a few fanatics that making noise, but the moderates one didn't make any "visible" effor to curtain them. When a fanatic ustadz call for the head of americans, you didn't heard a moderate one condemning it very often don't you? Now US moslems might be different than the rest of the world, but from my experience, the later was far more common. Also the fact that Quran contains many violent verses, will just make it more ammunition for the radicals to cary on their twisted and pathetic ideas.


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                    The Holy Quran is a great book to pick up p o o p with


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                      Brother Bushmaster! What you think is right! I might think is wrong or vice Versa! There is nothing wrong with having difference of opinion! But religeon is just a touchy subject. I know what I am following a grown adult, I am liable for my deeds! So I know whats best for me. Same is the case with you...

                      You found the truth in Christianity and I am happy for you because you have found peace of mind in a faith!

                      You are EXACTLY right when you say Faith is in Control of God! So lets leave it God to a judge of whats right and whats wrong!

                      There is good people and bad people in every religeon! I DONT agree with hatred these people spread and think he is as ignorant as Michael.

                      I will quote you an example of Pakistan. Pakistan has been in the front lines againsts war on Terror. Most Pakistanis condemn terrorism and think what happened on 9/11 was wrong and there is no justification of what happened?

                      And when a small faction of people come out and burn the American flag! That is what shows up on the front page of USA TODAY!

                      In my faith, everything is in control of God, no one can convert any other, there is no power above God on that issue. There is a lot of work on the muslim side to be accomplished. they are all painted with the same big brush and it is a little on their part to fix the issue. Again, there are always answers for those like the one started this thread


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                        its normal for bad stuff about a faith to be more popular being masses. People say women are repressed in Muslim culture..

                        I say many women in Muslim countries have been presidents and Prime Minister and the US yet to have a female President.

                        I am not saying that US is a sexist society. All I am trying to justify is that bad things in a culture always are more popular with the masses!

                        I will give u another example. Like US is condemned by the Muslim world by its attack on Iraq? No one was there to help poor dying Muslims in Kossovo and the US led the UN forces and stopped the genocide..


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                          Hi everybody: Islam,, what is Islam? First of all what is the meaning of the word Islam? The root comes from the word Salam and that means Peace and Surrender to God. So according to me, everybody that Beleives in GOD is a MUSLIM Because he surrenders to his CREATOR...Islam is not a categorized religion...Islam is the last message from God to Humans...Islam fist started with Abraham...In the Islamic World, there is the "Quran" and the "Sunna". After the Prophet's Mohammed(apoh) death, pple started writing books about what the Prophet said...Most of what they wrote is not TRUE...God never discriminated Women in His Book...but in the Sunna Women are not allowed this and that..etc...All the killing, and barbarian stuff happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine...all that is about POWER and POLITICS...Islam is used as a bridge for those DEVILS to legalise their deeds...This happened in Christianity too....God said in the Quran that the BIGGEST HYPOCRITS ARE THE ARABS...and it is so TRUE...Muslim countries are MOHAMMAD Followers...thus, SUNNA Followers...most of them think that they are not educated enough to understand the they go buy books that some *******s wrote where Quran is explained...All those explanations are not is just a way to brainwash and control the populations...Most pple ignore that the three Miracles about Quran are: 1)Anybody can Understand it even with very low education 2)It is the Book that Will Never Be Changed or added stuff to 3)Inside it, there is a message to every generation...God said in HIS Book that pple are judged according to what their hearts hold...and not to what ethnicity they belong...and also that He has created pple in different groups and ethnicities and each has a unique way to worship if some crazy pple have a problem because you worship differently, you speak a different language and you dress, eat and play differently then....IGNORE THEM....Most of it is Jealousy....and IGNORANCE...As I mentioned...pple do not read the Quran with a peaceful heart...they only hear what others say and in order to be "IN" they have to follow the Group like cheeps...The first word that the Quran Started with is: "READ" it was an ORDER from God...that meams, educate yourself...but in the third world countries, the govs give very pooor education to their citizens and they make their minds stuffed with garbage...and sometimes they even train them to Hate Foreign countries...THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM and nobody knows when it is ending!!!! PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL


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