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    An Immigration Comprehensive Reform is coming. No because I said so, It is because the country needs it urgently. A country that was made by immigrants from all over since its origin needs to put an end to a broken immigration system that is obsolete. It can happen this year or the next one... but it will happen.

    The law makers should see this issue from a different angle than political. The reform should be bipartisan.

    Obama's Speech today:
    "Question: Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, when you met with the Hispanic Caucus a few weeks ago, reports came out that the White House was planning to have a forum to talk about immigration and bring it to the forefront.

    Going forward, my question is, what is your strategy to try to have immigration reform? And are you still on the same timetable to have it accomplished in the first year of your presidency?

    And, also, I'd like to know if you're going to reach out to Senator John McCain, who is Republican and in the past has favored immigration reform?

    Obama: Well, we reach out to -- to Senator McCain on a whole host of issues. He has been a leader on immigration reform. I think he has had the right position on immigration reform. And I would love to partner with him and others on what is going to be a critical issue.

    We've also worked with Senator McCain on what I think is a terrific piece of legislation that he and Carl Levin have put together around procurement reform. We want that moved, and we're going to be working hard with them to get that accomplished.

    What I told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is exactly what I said the very next day in a town hall meeting and what I will continue to say publicly, and that is we want to move this process.

    We can't continue with a broken immigration system. It's not good for anybody. It's not good for American workers. It's dangerous for Mexican would-be workers who are trying to cross a dangerous border.

    It is -- it is putting a strain on border communities, who oftentimes have to deal with a host of undocumented workers. And it keeps those undocumented workers in the shadows, which means they can be exploited at the same time as they're depressing U.S. wages.

    So, what I hope to happen is that we're able to convene a working group, working with key legislators like Luis Gutierrez and Nydia Velazquez and others to start looking at a framework of how this legislation might be shaped.

    In the meantime, what we're trying to do is take some core -- some key administrative steps to move the process along to lay the groundwork for legislation. Because the American people need some confidence that if we actually put a package together, we can execute.

    So Janet Napolitano, who has great knowledge of this because of having been a border governor, she's already in the process of reviewing and figuring out how can we strengthen our border security in a much more significant way than we're doing.

    If the American people don't feel like you can secure the borders, then it's hard to strike a deal that would get people out of the shadows and on a pathway to citizenship who are already here, because the attitude of the average American is going to be, well, you're just going to have hundreds of thousands of more coming in each year.

    On the other hand, showing that there is a more thoughtful approach than just raids of a handful of workers as opposed to, for example, taking seriously the violation of companies that sometimes are actively recruiting these workers to come in. That's again something we can start doing administratively.

    So what we want to do is to show that we are competent and getting results around immigration, even on the structures that we already have in place, the laws that we already have in place, so that we're building confidence among the American people that we can actually follow through on whatever legislative approach emerges. OK?

    Question: (Off-mic)

    Obama: I see the process moving this first year. And I'm going to be moving it as quickly as I can. I've been accused of doing too much. We are moving full steam ahead on all fronts.

    Ultimately, I don't have control of the legislative calendar, and so we're going to work with legislative leaders to see what we can do.

    Andre Showell? There you go."

    The time will come!!!!!


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      Wrong. 100% WRONG. 1.- Educate yourself, read a lot and come back to GIVE better ideas, to unite not to separate. If your opinions are to treat immigrants the way that you are talking about them, you are sick!!!

      2.- Read number 1.-


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Hudson:
        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by 4now:
        Yes, Comprehensive Immigration Reform should not have anything to do with making illegal person a legal. Say no to Comprehesive Immigration REWARD.

        This has been the problem. Make the necessary changes to immigration policy that will reduce wait times, put fairness in the code etc.

        These changes could have been made long ago, or back in 2007 if only they would take out the wording about illegals/undocumented amnesty. Let the amnesty program fall seperate so that the reforms can be made to the current policy. Stop letting io legal/amnesty desires to keep killing the passage of CIR. This would be fair. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
        It is an admirable notion, But to make the wait times shorter, you would either have to increase staff three or four times, you will have to increase the number of visas to allow one to enter, and you would have to pay for it by either raising taxes , increasing the immigration fees (which will defeat the purpose entirely) and/or cutting services somewhere else. It is admirable, but there is no magic answer to immigration reform unless the economies improve worldwide and become close to par with the industrialized nations.

        the other problem you have is that you cannot force 12 to 20 million illegals home. Paying their flights, or setting up fences will not help much except deter the casual border jumper. However, if you insist on this, perhaps you want to violate the Constittuion itself. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>


        Where did I say anything about sending them home That has never been my stand. I say just leave them as they are. Once the enforcement of the employment system is in place, jobs will dry up mostly 4them and they will go on their own. Say No to amnesty

        Go home and come back in a legal way. I am so tired of this "temporary work visa" Bul.lcr.ap. They never accept this as temporary, not anywhere in the world. At the end of the time period when it is time to go home, they all bellyache about and say" it is not fair that we built a life here for 6 years and now they want us to go" Yet they accepted the terms when they came. The same story is heard at temporary agencies for jobs. People just want to believe that they will be made permanent after 6 months to a year.

        What are you talking about the wait times. This whole reform is "alledgely" about uniting immigrant families quicker etc. They are going to have to spend the money if changes are to be made. It is not supposed to be about illegals uniting their families. They are not immigrants remember. I am not confused the way some people seem to be, like Bill.

        immigrANTS ARE legal and came to the country with the intention of immigrating.

        Undocumented are not immigrants
        Overstays are not immigrants.

        Janet Napolinto has an agenda, and it is to give undocumented temporary work papers and temporary visa. She started this with the last raid. She gave all 24 a reward of temporary visa and working papers. She is going to keep doing it too until they all have green cards. This is the plan. Just say no.


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          there are a lot of things to say. but one thing remains to be the fact is that nobody is satisfy with current immigration system hence we badly need a immigration reform. immigration reform should be one of the top priority now, because it is a very complicated problems. anyone say that we do not need immigration reform now in my opinion is just plain wrong


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            History of Indian Saree


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