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Attorney Advice - Need one Yes or No? ? ?

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  • Attorney Advice - Need one Yes or No? ? ?

    to all you experienced ones...

    I wanna know,if I need an attorney or not.
    I have to file for a I 751 Waiver...
    I have all my documents,proof,affadavits,cover letter etc ready.Do I need a lawyer? or have a lawyer look over my stuff,before sending it?

    I am not sure how many people file their I 751 Waiver alone or with an attorney.
    How do you determine,if you or I need one...I am still confuse.
    Need Help please. Thank You

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    Is the reason for filing the I-751 because you were divorced, spouse passed away, domestic abuse, or other?

    Second, if you have any complicatons arising from your facts and circumstances, that would dictate whether an attorney is prudent or not.
    "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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        filing 751 waiver based on bonafide

        Save the attorney fees for later.

        File your petition by yourself.
        Even if called for interview, go by yourself.

        If approved.. all is well and money in pocket.

        If denied. now spend attorney money to go before IJ for review of decision in removal proceedings.

        fairly simple decision.

        Good luck


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          You know,you are basically right.But for some reason,I just wanna be on the safe and right side you know.I mean I do not wanna take any risks. But yea, it might wasting money,since I can file and sent it myself and be approved with an attorney.But I just do not wanna take any risks.

          Here is my question and please anyone with experience tell me your honest opinion.

          I e mailed 2 attorney's,i sent both the same e mail.

          Number 1 Attorney e mailed me said :he is an expert in that area and handles all kinds of similar things etc etc and his consultation would cost for 30 min. $150....

          Attorney Number 2, e mailed me,and said,he has too look exactly what I have and would tell me then how much time or money it would cost me and told me also,since immigration law is very complex,he can not tell me without looking at my documents what options are out there.He said his consulation would cost $200,and said a consultation would take 1 hour.

          So,attorney number 2 is also in that AILA and he is also,if you give the companies name in the search,he is rated as "highly rated immigration attorney"
          and this is their webpage....

          Please someone tell me,with which one I should go,as for consultation goes.

          I always hear,if an attorney, brags about he is an expert here and there is ususally not that worth it,and the 2nd attorney's e mail sounded to me more honest and realistic.
          What do you gusy think....please people,give some opinions,especially YOU gusy who used an attorney before.


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            I would suggest you to go with attorney #2.

            You, youself feel more comfortable with #2, so why choose someone(#1) that you already are not sure about.


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