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    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

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    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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      I think that is so compassionate of them to post that. Obviously, they know that there're many crooks out there trying to make a buck by using the vulnerable people.
      “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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        I've read many times in the newspapers when Guest Worker/Temporary program came up with Congress, a lot of scam artists in Mexico began bluffing people that it was actually true. It was in a lot of Hispanic newspapers in the U.S. also. I've not heard of how many people paid money to these scam artists but I think word spread quickly that it was isn't any type of new program yet. There hasn't been much more news about it occurring much more so I guess word spread quickly it wasn't true. I can't recall the name of the law firm/advocay agency or whatever it was in Hialeah FL (Miami) but they got busted big time about a year or two ago accepting money from people thinking their were going through the legal process and found after a long time it wasn't so. A lot of people from New York was using their office and literally got screwed. If I can find anything on it I'll post it but I truthfully can't remember just who it was.
        I know of one lady that is a notary, accountant/translations (a notary to some Mexicans is thought of as a person of legal status) who about two years would assist with getting driver licenses. She did it in a way to cover her butt. The illegal would fill out the form for INS to apply for a work permit. Of course it wasn't going to be approved. In the meantime the FL law was such you could take the receipt (letter from INS stating they'd received your application) and go to the driver license bureau and receive a license. The applicant was supposed to get fingerprints and a couple other things but they wouldn't - this was a way to obtain a license. By the time they received notice their application was denied, they alread had a license. The lady was making a lot of money from filling these out for them. I heard she got busted for it but I really don't know. FL law on licenses has changed a couple of times so I imagaine she's out of business on that one. I'd spoken with her a few times (not directly questioning her on this) and it obvious she didn't want to have to inquire with the DMV about some things. I was at DMV asking some questions about another issue for a person, I called her to get the numbers I needed for the person, and this *!(* gave me the Alien number for somebody else (I didn't know it was somebody elses number) just so the DMV official could answer the question about whether her applicant could obtain the social security card at that time. (At that time in FL you could get the card after a couple of forms were filed, I-130 and something else.) I was really angered that I'd been used by her to check on info. (Only info given to me by them was, yes the individual in question could legally obtain their card.) I'd been in that office over 40 minutes just doing her work and didn't know it. She obviously was too scared to contact them herself so she wouldn't bring herself to light. I was so mad I couldn't even tell her what I thought of her. But she had her butt covered in all ways. She also would try to get people to file the I-130 although she knew about the 3-10 year bar if you were illegal. Luther Services and Catholic Services would almost refuse to do it if you were illegal because they knew 245(i) wasn't opened at the time and it woudn't do you any good, only harm. There are people out there with intentions of making money off of others. I think I'll contact her soon and ask if there's anything more that she can do to assist others and if I sense anything wrong, I'll report her.


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