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  • Important Explanation from ILW.COM

    Our discussion board is hosted by a different hosting company than the one that hosts the site. On January 30th the hosting company moved the discussion board to a different template without giving us a prior notice. Consequently, our board settings (concerning both the display and membership) were changed. Even the URL of the discussion board was changed without notifying us first.

    After correcting the URL and the display setting we have now restored the security settings that require posters to register with a valid email. We hope this will resolve the confusion that arose over the last month, and that no further security measures will be required.

    Essentially, this board is not censored or moderated. Members are not banned for posting extreme views as long as they do it in a civil way. We pay attention to all complaints regarding abuse.

    Please continue to report any abuses to

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    Thank you very much for your explanation.

    I wrote 2 e mails regarding search feature on this website is not working. But haven't got a single reply at all ...if someone wants to review important info regarding immigration from back dates when there was modification done with this site ... we cant go far and this makes sometimes very hard to find information / useful links ...

    It is a request if you can fix that search feature please ...

    Thanks a lot again .... Pasha


    • #3
      Other thing I want to tell you since you are online right now so I m sure it will reach you .... This is just a thought .... Is this a better idea to make a column of suggestion and complaints ... so people don't have to wait for your reply to their e mails and they can just write in that column and it might be easy for you to follow that up ... this is just a thought ... Thanks and have a great day ... Pasha


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        I agree with Pasha Patel: My friend had a hard time to register on this board.

        Pasha Patel: Well I am sorry for this delay.
        I am your bajuwala, born in mumbai, went to school in pune. I lost Maharti, Gugrati, konkani, I use to speak now only few words.


        • #5
          Hi sab34 ..

          Nice to know about that ... I lived in Bombay too for couple of months ... I can understand all those languages pretty well but don't speak fluently on all of them...but still can make other person understand .... It was nice to know about you ... u can reach me anytime

          Well I hope ILW Moderator spends little more time on this board and listens to our view ... thanks once again to moderator ... Pasha


          • #6
            Pardon my frustration, but it is about time someone responded.

            Now what must we do to have you review the innocents who have had their privileges suspended, so that they can resume posting?


            • #7
              I should like to make one more comment with regard to this situation. While it may simply be a coincidence that this notice appeared on the board today, as a member, I would prefer to think that the ILW Moderator saw the sheer volume of posts on the thread labeled ADMIN: Information on banning posters, and realised that indeed it was time to listen to the sentiments of many long time members of this message board, and their collective efforts to bring attention to these punitive actions.

              That said, in view of the fact that emails to the webmaster have gone unanswered, perhaps the ILW Moderator might think it wise to post contact email addresses for the individual(s) responsible for reviewing and suspending privileges, so that those who have been negatively affected may have direct contact with the person responsible for administering posting privileges to resolve the matter immediately.

              Thank you for listening to your members!


              • #8
                If a person is banned from posting on a site I would think that in terms of fairness, they would be notified that a) they are going to be banned b) why they are being banned c) how long the ban will last d) what, if anything, the person can do to be restored.

                There has been flagrant abuse of profanity, racist viewpoints, etc. posted and that continues (some has been done in a not so civil way). If there is no censorship of that then fine, people know to expect it. Personally, I would rather have that than to have someone banned and them not be given a reason for it. I have written email requesting that whoever is responsible for the ban answer email that has been sent to them by the banned person. It still has not occurred. Is today the day for answers? Could someone please contact that person? Thank you.


                • #9
                  I am a very liberal person, and I'm glad we have our Freedom of Speech, but I find the racism very offensive.

                  [This message was edited by josephine schmo on February 25, 2004 at 06:31 PM.]
                  Sweet Madame Belu


                  • #10
                    I think someone who is banned from the board is entitld to due process. First an administrative judge should hear the case where the burden of proof is on the moderator to show inappropriate conduct. If denied, then they should be entitled to appeal to the Board of Immigration Board of appeals (BIBA) where the proof must then again be reviewed. Also they should be allowed waivers to show that they posted with bonafide intent and not just to circumvent the standards of the board. Finally they should be allowed to have their cases heard in the Federal court system. They should be allowed reinstatement after wither 3 years or 10 years depending on the reason.


                    • #11
                      RE: My Above Edit

                      I commented that there should be a report abuse button. Someone pointed out to me that there is one in the lower right hand corner. Doh!

                      Has anyone ever used it?
                      Sweet Madame Belu


                      • #12
                        Yes I just reported you


                        • #13
                          Thank you ILW Moderator for your email reply.

                          Michael, quit lying.
                          Sweet Madame Belu


                          • #14
                            Dear ILW Moderator,

                            Thank you very much for your active participation over this board in lat 2-3 days .... Thanks for this website ... but one thing amazes me that if someone writes or asks you a question in post made by you then plz ...for god sake .... Do u really feel need to answer to that one ... ? here no offense intended ... but it will be great if you can reply quarries posted in your own thread .... Thanks a lot for understanding .... Have a Great day ... Pasha

                            even when i posted before u were online ... and i m sure u read my post ... plz have curtesy to reply to questions / problems reported by your own members ... thanks once again...Pasha


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                              Jo ...

                              I never got any reply ....Isnt this a good idea to make a column about suggestions / complains?


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