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    Paddy, I cannot agree with you more. These people do not look at the whole picture!! Mexico is not that poor. Yes there are parts that are poor but they are doing alot better than many coutries. Thank you for setting them straight.


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      Pegasus ... look whos calling who stupid ..someone who belives the drought in texas is due to illegal immigrants....that just shows your degree of intelligence...and I am not going to argue with you anymore because its a waste of my time...idiot....


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        Pegasus you are soo genius ... I think Illegal aliens should be deported from the planet earth .. after all they are aliens ... not to mention they're the reason for green house gases, global warming and hatred on this planet. They're the reason for category 3-5 hurricanes, the valcano that erupted in Indonesia recently, floods hmmm and every other natural disaster too. everyone deserves to be deported from this planet only us americans should own this planet period.
        Right pegasus ??


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          Engaged, I did not say the pinche illegales caused the drought. If we did not have the population explosion of criminal illegal aliens then we might have enough water to conduct business. Why don't u use that pea brain of yours!! Momo needs your help toooo. Both losers.


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            First off, I'm an American and was born here.. I unlike many of you, have the right to be in the US and use the resources of this country.

            Secondly, overcrowding in TX is a problem and you can go to any major city in TX and see homes where Mexicans are living 10-20 people per a home with cars out the butt on the street and such.

            Third, resources are not limitless, such as water. If illegals were removed from TX alone, the water shortage would not be a shortage anymore.

            Forth, before you attack me, remember who I am, I am a legal citizen of the United States. Not some border hopping illegal who hopped infront of all the other people who wanted to come here LEGALLY. I'm not some Mexican who doesn't mind working for slave wages unlike Americans, thus, illegal employers hire illegals, exploiting them, while not hiring Americans to do the same job and paying a decent wage. By the way, it's funny how Mexicans will say Americans wont do the jobs that they do, but last I checked, illegals aka Mexicans only account for less than 10% of the construction and agricultural industry.. Wow, I guess Americans do work huh?

            Lastly, if your here illegally, you need to pack your bags and head back to where you came from. Before too long, the gov't will kick you out anyways..



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              EASTTXDUDE, Are you running for president because with that speech you won my vote!!! Keep it up and remember your words mean nothing unless you vote!!! I am a member of the Minuteman assc. Donate $10 if you can or buy a T-shirt. Keep it up!! Vote for Republicans!!


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                Pegasus, I'm part of a organization myself. Do my part..

                Houston is petitioning to become a non-sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.. step in right direction....


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                  I agree with you pegasus ... how can i become a member of minutemen ??? kindly lemme know i wanna blame illegals for every thing that's going on in Iraq too ... every thing that's happening around the globe is aliens fault ... Democrats are aliens too .. deport democrats and liberals from this planet earth...
                  This world will be a better place with medieval laws...
                  KKK and Minutemen should make foreign and domestic policy for this country ... right ?


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                    EastTX, Tell me more about your Houston story!! Sounds very interesting!! Why don't u start a thread on this subject??


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                      бля, нелегалы засрали всю канализацию калом !
                      и них кал оказался таким же крупным как у красношейников !!

                      Lerka are you capable of writing your comments phonetically?? Your translation software isn't conjugating the verbs corerectly...why pretend ?? why not just write in your native language?
                      BECAUSE EL REY SAYS SO


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                        yes, I am кэпебал.


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