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    It takes a while to get the permanent stamp. Once the papers are filed after 90 days then the immigrant can ask for an interim EAD that will allow him/her to work. But the stamp comes at the AOS interview and in some states that could take over a year. There are some instances where it has been longer or shorter but for the most part it looks as if there is a huge backlog so it could take a while.


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      I thought the application for EAD could be sent in with AOS paperwork and took approximately 90 days (usually) to be processed? Anyone know if it's perfectly "safe" to travel while waiting on AOS, with advanced parole?


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        You wont get the EAD in 90 days. What will happen is you can go into the office on the 91'st day and ask for an interim EAD. I wouldnt advise you to travel using advance parole until you have a stamp in your passport. I know that means years but you could be refused entry to the US at any of the Ports of Entries.
        I wouldnt travel period.


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          He WON'T get EAD in 90 days? I thought that is about what it was taking when sent in with AOS? Are you saying that you wouldn't recommend traveling just outside of the country, right?


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            Hey Still Baby

            How the h-e-c-k r ya

            Poster "Waiting for USA" needs to tell us when/where he filed and mostly important is what Serv Center he filed. Only then can he be told realistic answer. This could range from 120 days to 36 months in many cases.

            No way should adjustee travel while waiting for adjustment. Even with advance parole I-131. There is no guarantee to let them in if their visa/travel doc has expired.


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              Hi 4now,
              I see you've been busy. That's good to know about the travelling, not good news, but good to know.


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                If your finace is here on a J-1 then do you know if he has the 2-year foreign residency requirement? If so he cannot adjust even if he marries you (a USC). You can file the I-130 and get your marriage esablished though.

                At 14 if he entered the States to go to school most likely he would have been issued an F-1. Why don't you guys get his aunt and uncle on the phone and figure out his immigration status.

                And, honey, are you SURE you want to marry this dude? If he is this nonchalant about something like his legal status in the States, don't be upset when you get married you find him careless and nonchalant about other things.


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                  4Now. He lives in Virginia I don't know where he filed. I believe he filed a few weeks after getting married. It has now been about 4 months since then.


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