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the cost of birth a baby as no insurance

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  • the cost of birth a baby as no insurance

    if every thing is smoothly and no other expencive how much is the costof birth a baby? but i have not bought insurance. I want to birth a baby,

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    sounds like you are here as a 'visitor' or ???? and expect the taxpayers of the United States of America to foot the's about $9000-11,000 if there are no complications.
    And what did you tell the consular officer was the purpose of your visa request? And how long did you say you were going to stay in the US?


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      I think you may be in the wrong site. If you don't have insurance, then there really isn't any alternative but to pay for the bill. How much will it cost? It depends on the circumstance and depends on where you go. You may want to call around your area and find out.


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        is there any place cheaper? 9000-11000 is
        very expencive,



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          Depends what have to consider ALL the prenatal care,

          If you are planning on having a baby to stay in the US, forget it. Your child can only petition you when they turn 21.

          The hospital stay alone for the 1 or 2 days in the hospital is 1500$. And you have to go see your OB every month, then every 2 weeks and then every week. And you have to take vitamins.

          Are you really able to pay for all that? Are you going to jeopardise a child's life and well being by not getting the proper care?


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            Medicaid has provisions for this type of cases .I used to work in a company that dealt with medicaid and did come across cases that were classified as type 55/30 which stood for alien mother(irrespective of legal status/USC child).Please contact coomunity support centres in your area or call a medicaid centre near yor and ask them for the appropriate forms and procedures.You might have to prove you do not have the money to pay for your medical expenses.Best Of Luck.Please approach them as soon as you can.


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              can i use the insurance for life when i am out of status, and use the insurance to birth baby and care the baby meical expensese in future ?but after a few months my visa expire presume i can get SSN and can buy insurance when my visa is before the date of expire, now i hold B1 visa , i the best way is to buy the insurance then.



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