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Criminal Record while Pending I-485

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    Hello sugatr

    I see.

    you were set up by a sting, and solictied by an undercover. Hence the pleading down to trespass.

    this is not a CIMT and should not cause you problem provided that you have not been in trouble before.

    Even if your lawyer makes it go away, it will still be there for uscis to ask about it and you will have to acknowledge it no matter what the disposition is. The best thing you have going for you is that it was reduced to trespass and that allows you to deny the alledged allegations in the original arrest.

    Most important here is to seek IMMIGRATION attorney, not criminal one so much to counsel you and ease your mind about impact on your pending greencard.

    It sounds like you have learned from mistakes, and I hope this was all it was .

    Who is petitioning for you?


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      that happened in 2005. it was expunged a year after. yes, i have learned my lesson. that's why i just took all the things that were said on this post. i have nothing against them.

      the first attorney was a criminal one the second is an immigration one.

      a company is petitioning for me.

      thanks for everything.


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        Sounds like you are in good hands

        Good luck. please come back and let us know when you get your green card approved.

        Take care 4now


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          thanks a lot for the help. i have never seen anything where there's a list of CIMT. i thought that everything depends on uscis' officer discretion.

          i have been trying to look everywhere, for cases similar as mine but cant find any.

          hope i am in good hands. by any chance do you know of any really really good lawyer around california?


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            that's the problem, you weenie-wagging were in 'good hands'...
            come on, let's hear the real were really standing in front of an all-girls elementary school, right? And the CIMT...Crime Involving Microscopic Tallywacker


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              Many moons ago Hudson gave a reply about immigrants coming to the U.S.A. and the amount of crimes committed, etc. just as American citizens committ. I wish I remembered more of his reply but it spoke of how they fall into the same daily routines of life as Americans and things happen. People are people no matter what and there's going to be all sorts of things that happen whether it's right or wrong, legal or illegal, mistakes are made and yes, we should try to avoid them but it happens, that's life. It would be the same if Americans were shipped to another country, the same things would happen there sooner or later regardless of their status.

              The OP asks a question. He doesn't need to beat up by anybody. A question is a question and his didn't shock me one bit nor did I feel I needed to throw my opinion at him. All he needed was an answer to a direct question which deserved a direct answer. We are not a panel of judges here to voice our personal opinion to him.

              This is the very reason that many people don't come onto this board. At least this person had the nerve to do so. I'm totally against all this personal opinion about why somebody did something. I'm quite sure they've already had to deal with it and still are since he used the word 'suffering'. If he walked into an attorney's office or was in front of a judge, they are going to look at the facts, not throw a bunch of comments out. If you can't directly answer the question then just stay quiet. Questions need to be answered regardless of their nature. This really infuriates me.


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