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Has this ever happen to you with INS?

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    OK just confirming. You hadn't mentioned it so I was curious.

    Yeah, I've already been through the medical back in 2001 when I was adjusting status. Sounds like the same procedure I had.


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      Should I assume that you are going for Naturalization or removal of condition on 2 yr GC?


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        Here's my timeline:

        04/95 1st TN visa issued
        04/96 2nd TN visa issued
        01/01/97 F1 visa issued
        8/12/00 wedding
        8/24/00 sent I-130, I-485, I-765, and I-131 to JAX, FL office
        10/2/00 application returned by INS claiming that attorney's signature was missing from some forms (even though G-28 was completed for each form)
        10/3/00 application sent back to INS with signatures - attorney sends nasty message to INS liaison David Fletcher about INS ineptitude
        11/16/00 AP approved
        1/22/01 fingerprinted JAX office
        7/16/01 I-551 approved JAX office
        4/15/03 I-751 sent to TSC
        4/16/03 NOA sent back with 1-yr extension
        3/10/04 Sent in AR-11, letter to TSC, and letter to Jacksonville informing them that I had moved.
        5/3/04 NOA received saying that I have been granted conditional resident status and my new green card should be arriving within 3 weeks (ugggh!! I am already a conditional resident and have been for nearly 3 years!). USCIS screwed up again - I sent a letter to TSC pointing out the error but have heard nothing.
        6/23/04 Sent in N-400 to apply for USC status
        6/25/04 Conditions removed; letter sent from TSC informing me to appear at my district office with passport and 3 photos
        7/6/04 N-400 Check cashed
        7/8/04 New I-551 stamped in passport and good until 6/23/05 while we await my 10-yr green card to arrive
        7/10/04 Received NOA dated 6/26/04 from VSC acknowledging receipt of N-400 application
        7/19/04 Fingerprint check cashed
        8/5/04 Rec'd NOA (dated 8/2/04) for fingerprint appt (on 8/16/04)
        8/16/04 Fingerprinted
        10/1/04 Received 10-yr green card
        Still waiting to be called for my naturalization interview.
        Almost there...will 2004 be our last year to deal with USCIS? hmmm.


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