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Has this ever happen to you with INS?

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  • Has this ever happen to you with INS?


    Have you ever received 2 welcome letters from INS after one Interview? I am talking about AOS based on marriage to USC. I wonder why they would send 2 welcome letters with different notice dates.

    Any helpful hint will be welcome.

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    Have you ever received 2 welcome letters from INS after one Interview? I am talking about AOS based on marriage to USC. I wonder why they would send 2 welcome letters with different notice dates.

    Any helpful hint will be welcome.


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      Most of the people receive those, even 3 letters, I personally never got one so I guess I am not welcomed...

      Congrats! You are finally approved, your green card should be arriving soon.


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        Thank you Aguila. I was getting confused. But knowing that it is a normal process, I am relaxed now.



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          After Having everybody count with you for the past ..Year!
          You go to your interview, and you don't even tell the board
          You get approved you keep it to yourself.
          And when you need an answer you come back to the board.
          Basically, for you the board is only good when you need support.
          In life you take but you also GIVE!

          In Africa we are not usually that selfish!

          Anyhow, Good Luck in America!


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            Sorry I did not give my timeline. That does not mean I was not going to offer help. As a matter of fact, I have responded to various subjects on this website.

            With regard to my case, I am waiting to receive the actual card before I can fully explain my experience and offer more help to other people.
            I am one of those people who like to speak about facts, not speculations.

            Meanwhile, if you any question I could be of help, do not hesitate to ask.

            Yes, people in Africa are not selfish, but you forgot that they are the most unsure people on earth. They are always afraid that something might go wrong.

            Peace out.


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              Your last sentence in MORE than right....I retract my even though I was expecting you to at least tell us that you were approved!

              I hope your card is on the way!

              P.S: So basically the decisive factor in your problem was the intervention of your congressman?


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                Really? You were approved Cisse?

                All those counting with me posts and you didn't even announce you were approved? What gives?


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                  Congrats man!

                  By the way, you getting approved is a fact not a speculation at this point! I can't wait for your experience to be shared with us.

                  Enjoy your "new" status!


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                    Yes, the decision factor was the congressman.
                    In fact, if I had not contacted the congressman, the case would never have been scheduled for an interview.

                    After the INS submitted my background check for the first time, the response was that there was no info on me. Then, the INS resubmitted another background check. 3 months later, a response came back. That was 14 after I submitted my application.

                    the delay from the 14th month to the 23rd month was due to a flaw in the processing procedure. Normally, the INS was supposed to check on my case to see if everything was ok to schedule an interview. Apprently, nobody did that. Therefore, my case was not updated. And everytime I went to the district to check on the status, the customer services representative could give me only the old status.

                    When the congressman contacted them, someone looked at my file and found out that everything was there and the file had been hanging there for 9 months. When I went to the interview, the officer did apologize for that though.

                    the morality is that, if you case takes more than 16 months, I would suggest that you hanging until the 2nd anniversary of your marriage (if case is 1st interview for GC based on marriage to USC) and then contact the congressman. Chances are, the delay is due to a mismanagement of the process. That way, you get a straight 10 yrs GC as I did and contacting the congressman would have been justified.

                    Hope this helps.



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                      CONGRATS cisse!

                      Thanks for letting us know about how you proceeded, it's very helpful.


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                        Welcome to the club.

                        Whew. No more counting...

                        Are you applying for citizenship?


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                          Thanks everybody.

                          Sphyrapicus3, at this time I am not thinking of the citizenship. I will take time to put my life together and will go from there.

                          Kalla, at what stage are you? I remeber that you were done with the interview and waiting for a background check. Have you reached the 2 yrs? If so, I would suggest you contact the congressman.


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                            Did they waive your medical? Or, did you end up getting it done before the interview?


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                              I had to have the medical done before the interview.

                              The medical usually takes 3 days. After the 3 days, you have to go back to the doctor to see the results of TB skin test. If everything is ok, they will give you a sealed enveloppe. One thing I learned for the medical exam is the following: you have to request a copy of the medical exam for yourself if you want to get one. If you do not, the doctor will give you only one sealed enveloppe. Unless there is a major trouble with your medical, the doctor will not tell you anything else. If there is a big trouble like HIV or TB, the doctor will tell you when you go back for the results. So, for your peace of mind, request a copy of the medical exam report before the exam. That way, you know what is in it and will not have to expect a surpise at the Interview.



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