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    my passport got expired a year ago.have applied for interview date is 1 month from now.there requirement is a valid when i called indian consulate they need legal status which i dont have.i got the interview date after 24 months .please someone help what should be do i renew my passport

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    my passport got expired a year ago.have applied for interview date is 1 month from now.there requirement is a valid when i called indian consulate they need legal status which i dont have.i got the interview date after 24 months .please someone help what should be do i renew my passport


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      Can't you get a new one in your home country by post by just sending in the documentation and then get someone to send it over here?????


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        I tried doing that but there i have to be personally present.which i cant do cause i have over stayed my US visa and my interview is here in US worried if they wont allow me to enter.may be if some one can help if there is any channel from here.


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          Try to get a new passport from ur consulate instead of renewing the expired one. I don't understand why ur consulate need legal status to renew ur pp. As long as u are citizen of that country they should do it. I have not heard of any other country's consulate asking such a stupid requirement. They are supose to help their citizens instead of creating problems for them. Good luck.


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            Vito, you don't know what r u talking about all consulates requires proof of status in order to extend or renew passports.Poshby when you applied didn't you get a work permit? that's all you need, you don't need the green card to do it. my consulate did the same to me but i sent them the work permit with my passport with express mail and a paid return express mail envelope, and they returned it in 15 days.If they can't do it whithin the time window then tell them that you need a singed letter from them showing that you applied to renew your passport and it should be done in x date, show it to the immigration officer, when you get your passport, take it to immigration for the stamp. but if you don't have a work permit or anything from immigration showing that your in status you need to contact immigration right away to see if they can issue something like a letter or anything else prroving your in status to take to your consulate.


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              I am talking sense just think a person of a A country comes to a host country on a visit visa. Due to some reason he is unable to go back to his country & his passport expires. Now he wants go back to his country. Do u think it make sense for his country's consulate to ask his citizen that first get ur status adjusted in the host country only then they will extend his pp validity? If he can't do that he shall remain stranded in the host country.
              What a stupid reply.


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                You the s.t.u.p.i.d one my friend, so anyone who's in this country illegally can go to their consulate and extend or renew passports, there's no laws or anything. The thread here is about someone who has an upcoming interview and his passport is expired. Consulates need proof as to why he or she needs a passport like a work permit and NOA letter that his case is adjadicating. and people who has expired passports and need to go back home need to go to their consulate and explain the situation so they can get their citizen back home. Understood. Consulates in this country are bound by laws, it's not a flea market. Now smell your arm pits, look in the mirror and say i'm s.t.u.p.i.d.


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                  Yet another STUPID reply,

                  The thread originator has to go for interview for his canadian immigration & not here. Read carefuly then advise him what to do. He is not asking any immigration benefit from any one, just wants to extend validity of his pp which is his right. Thats all. No more discussion pl.


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                    Hey guys,

                    No need to argue... first of all you can not send a passport out of country by mail...thats against law...


                    link :

                    other thing most countries want to check legal status while applying for renewal of passport ... in this case consulate general of India does check this before renewing a passport... They have to follow certain laws... and if someone doesnt have legal status here still its not a problem for that person to return to his own country even with expired passport at all.... They can not say no if he/she has expired passport but citizen of that country in case of deportation...

                    in short here are requirements of renewing passort at Indian Consulate...

                    What are the requirements for renewing a passport?

                    i) Original passport

                    ii) Completed Passport Renewal form

                    iii) Copy of Green Card (both sides, enlarged clear copy) or Employment Authorization card (clear enlarged copy) or legal/ visa status such as HIB etc

                    iv) No Fee is payable for renewal but if you are applying by mail, charges for mailing back the passport may be sent through a money order/cashier's check in favor of Consulate General of India. Please see item "VII" of "new passport" requirements.

                    link to check this :-



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                      You're the one who should stop talking, what is it? is this your 8th post on this board so you shut your p.i.e. h.o.l.e, I'm responding to your uneducated claim that anyoneone in a host country illegally should be able to renew a passport. I got one thing to say to you
                      Vito = S.t.u.p.i.d. take care b.o.o. b.o.o.l.l.


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