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The US should better return CA and TX back to Mexico.

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    Ok, ok, enough of these repetitive tantrums. Those are my thoughts. What are yours aside from your usual hogwash?


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      <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by randa:
      It's now time for the United States to return California and Texas back to Mexico.

      The US has stolen territory from Mexico which is nowadays known as California and Texas.

      So it is time for the US to return the territory which they have stolen from Mexico.

      The US should better prove themselves that they aren't pitiful thieves.

      I have no feeling of sympathy of white people's death. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

      Here's a thought: if the U.S. had taken the entire country of Mexico, there would be no need for them to sneak in now.


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        What else is new? The moron S12 has run off again with hooked tail.


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          you still haven't managed to produce one single coherent response other than the worn out blather from some justice who quoted even more dogma from the bible....please drop by the nearest post office and relinquish your blue do not deserve to have it.


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            You first, because you're everything that America DOES NOT stand for.


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              insipid, very insipid reply to S12 subersive RN. I read part of what you wrote, HOWEVER, you FAILED MISERABLY and left out that immigrants from all over the world had to comply with the rules and regulations. The US didn't just let anhybody in, in fact, when the immigrants stepped down the boat and walked into Ellis Island, they were checked, and I do mean checked, starting with diseases, if they were sick or could not provide adequate information, they went right back to the same boat they came. No excuses, no pinko extorting subersive attorneys like you, there was no bulls.hit. They were gone. Period. And no matter how many times you accuse S12, me, and other law abiding citizens that "we are everything America is not" it will not work. Those marxist ideas are defunct and people are starting to get informed. DUMBASS!!!


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                Your idol as usual ran with hooked tail when confronted with facts and solid arguments. I don't expect the same thing from you because you've got no respect left with you even for yourself. Let alone common sense. Ah, you don't even know the difference between your b.utt and your face, and what they're there for.


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                  how do you know he ran away? what facts do you have? do you know him that well? Once again you overlooked my educated rebuttal and chose instead to show your jealousy, yes, definitely jealousy. What's the matter? you can't find your commie, subersive books and paraphrase them here? DUMBA.SS!!!


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                    Ok, I presented my position both for you and your iconic moron S12 in response to your "the time has come" haha! challenge. What was your rebuttal aside from what you s.ucked up from S12's idiotic blah blah blah boxed refrains?


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