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  • Entering and getting caught

    I know someone who was caught trying to enter the US illegally through Canada. They were caught near the border in NY. They were detained by the Canadians, then released on bond. I was wondering how I can get information on that record? Is there a mug shot, police record that I can find? Also, in the future if this person is in America illegally, then can they adjust status through a petition or labor or any other way? Dont worry, its not me that did this.

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    If the person is an EWI, the person cannot adjust status. No waivers, no ways around it.


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      What is EWI?


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        EWI is Entry Without Inspection (or illegal entry).


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          why in the world does anyone give a $hit about some irresponsible a-hole who has shown no respect for the borders and laws of this country?
          All of your carefully couched expressions about this "friend" only indicate that you know this person and are trying to find some loophole so this dirtbag can get a green card, probably through a phony marriage (maybe even to you)....frankly, nobody except morons like antivirus gives a rat's a$$ about scumbags that jump borders.
          oh, and EWI also stands for "Entering With Idiots" -- like yourself.


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            I am wondering how I can get criminal records, like them being caught and being detained.


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              If the person was caught on the Canadian side, as it appears on your post, you would need to contact Royal Mounted Police HQ if they have any information available to the public. If the person was caught on the US side, there may be a record with ICE.
              "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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                It would be silly, just to say it nicely, for a Canadian to attempt to enter the U.S. illegally when they require so little documentation to do so.
                That being said, if the related activity involved entering the U.S. and even if the record was created by the RCMP, most likely they shared the information with ICE.
                You can try a FOIA request, maybe you'll get lucky.


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                  He won't be able to obtain information via FOIA since he's not the person with the particular history.


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                    Actually, the I-601 waiver serves the purpose for someone that enters without inspection. An I-212 might also be necessary. One or both would have to be processed outside of the US.

                    Correction: these waivers are possibilities for someone who enters without inspection. As far as being detained and released on bond-someone with more expertise needs to respond.


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                      YET ANOTHER LYING FASCIST HERE !!!


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                        While many people think that it is a free for all in the land of ice and snow and that we are just evolving from cave men - it may surprise y'all to know that the US and Canada work really closely together. If your "friend" was deported from either country - there was a reason and both countries are aware of the deport.

                        Safe Third Country Agreement
                        On November 29, 2004 the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice published companion final rules to implement the U.S.-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement. The agreement allocates responsibility among the two countries for asylum claims made at land border ports of entry on the U.S./Canada border and by individuals who are being removed by the United States or Canada through the other country. The regulations(as published on Federal Register Online via GPO Access) took effect on December 29th, 2004.


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                          The person that was caught had their fingerprint, mug shots, etc take. Will that show up when they try to adjust status and the USCIS does fingerprints?


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                            Leave those illegals alone. Remember we have a cross to burn tonight!


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                              sorry SundevilUSA1 - I happen to be patriotic and believe in the rule of law. Just because you are an uninformed ditz doesn't change my opinions and focus on illegal immigration.
                              If we all each and every dirtball, irresponsible border jumper into our country, America citizens will suffer the consequences of depressed wages, disease, overcrowded schools (chock full of illegal brats), hospitals that cannot provide adequate service, cities full of apartments where illegals live 10 to a room, and an infrastructure that will collapse under the weight of overuse and underfunding.


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