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    Thanks for the clairification. I just don't want people to think that a membership in AILA is some kind of guarantee of aptitude.


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      Let me understand this ; you have SEVEN (7) "Good Friends" who all married a USC, all got conditional green card and all got divorced, and all got denied ??? How do you get to know people in exactly the same situation that effects an exteemely low percentage of the general population?


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        I agree 100 %; but how do you explain all the fraudsters on this board that beat the system ?


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          Still Learning!

          Would you kindly let me know where and how I can contact an attorney from AILA?

          Thanks a lot!


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            Your seven friends' petitions were denied for one reason or another, but how does this information demonstrate that a divorced alien with conditional status cannot file a self-petition as soon as a divorce becomes available?

            The USCIS states that there are two scenarios that permit a conditional resident to submit I751 prior to the 90-day period. In fact, the regulation states that they may be submitted anytime between becoming a conditional resident and removal. A battered spouse and a spouse whose marriage has terminated in a divorce are the two instances

            Successful removal of conditions on a self-petition relies on sufficient evidence to support that the marriage was bona fide, naturally. Logic would suggest that a divorced or a battered alien cannot continue to acquire evidence of that bona fide marriage after termination of the marriage, or after leaving an abusive spouse and, as such, there would be no benefit to requiring the alien to wait to submit a waiver.
            The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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              I personally have had free consultations where I was given what still appears to have been excellent advice. At least 3 of them really took time and answered detailed questions. The one that I paid a fee to for the consultation was "out there" with what she said and she was also very prejudiced. When it comes to immigration issues I like for there to be several attorneys with decent reputations who all agree....

              Mrs. Lonely Heart, there is a link on the left of this page for "find a lawyer". Or you could go to the AILA website. What Sugar Puff said is at least partly true though... there are bozo's in every profession.


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                Um, actually it means the exact opposite of what you understood it to mean.

                If you think an attorneys competence can be measured by the fee he charges then you deserve to have an empty pocket book.

                For those who are looking for an attorney:

                THE ONLY WAY to know if you have an attorney that is competent is to first understand the law yourself. NEVER pay for an initial consultation. Use the initial consulation to quiz the attorney.

                For instance, ask the attorney the following:

                "Can I file an I-485 with an I-140" If he does not bring up retrogression RUN

                If he does answer correctly, ask them " Can I travel while during I am waiting for my change of status from one non-immigrant classification to H-1B to be approved". If they do not bring up the last action rule LEAVE

                I invite others to add what they would ask.


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                  I'd add that no attorney, competent or otherwise, can provide quality service unless the client discloses all relevant facts to a case. Deemed miniscule or not by a client, to a good attorney those facts may have a bearing. If not, he/she can discard them.
                  The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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                    Very true, Sugarpuff, I posted (in one of these threads) that you have to educate yourself. It's true, I would never trust what ONE attorney told me without checking and doublechecking... When I first started looking into certain issues I was totally clueless. Still feel like I am but actually have learned a lot, from reading and talking and reading and talking. As far as the fee determining how good the attorney is... my experience so far has been that the ones who aren't charging a MINT, but just reasonable fees, are the ones that seem to be the most up to speed. Disclaimer: that does not mean that all reasonably priced attorneys give good advice :-) I'm sure there are very large firms that CAN give out good advice...


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                      If you want to be a "playah" you could do the following:

                      Mold your "issue" into one or two solid questions.

                      Using the yellow pages find 5 local attorneys that will give you a free initial consult"

                      Ask all five the same two questions and you will almost certainly have correct advice for free.


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                        Rule 1: ONLY CRIMINALS NEED ATTORNEYS


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                          Hey Lani; Explain the fraudsters on this board; there must be over 1000 who got away with it.


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                            criminals and doctors


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                              and tenants of slumlords (ie anyone who lives in queens or the bronx)


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                                Are we to presume that you can't provide any source to back up your claim that a petition for a divorced alien cannot be submitted as soon as the divorce is final?
                                The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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