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        TheDoc1980: So, the Canadians were generous enough to give you the opportunity to live in their country...and you have taken such advantage that you, by your own account, "have never really lived in Canada." It sounds to me that you're doing nothing but country-shopping.

        Why did you even bother to apply for Canadian residency? Simply to escape from India? Evidently, you have no respect for Canada.

        The American Customs and Border Protection Officer was correct to cancel your tourist visa. A tourist visa is intended for short visits to is not meant as a means to spend large amounts of almost-uninterrupted time here.

        You cannot appeal the CBP officer's decision.

        The ultimate irony, and one that I'd be in favor of, would be if the Canadian authorities canceled your immigrant visa because you've abused the privilege. What part of "resident" don't you understand, exactly?


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          <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by thedoc1980:
          here is my problem
          i had a 10 year tourist visa that i had taken from canada as i am a canadian immigrant . ihad been staying in the us for the most part of the last one and a half years just going back to india once for 2 months and going back to canada once every 6 months to renew i 94 form.
          this time when i was re entering into america the immigration officer cancelled my visa saying that i had no ties to the country from where i got my visa( in this case canada as i have never really lived in canada and am just have canadian immigration). what should i do.
          do i have a right to appeal
          its a big problem as i am a doctor and i have my residency interviews in dec and january which i will probabaly miss)
          also when i told the officer that i have interviews he said that i was doing business on a visitor visa and that i should try for a b 1 visa
          i did not not overstay or seek employment
          still they cancelled my visa
          also will this cancellation affect my chances of getting a j 1 visa ( in case i match at the only place i gave an interview in november) </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

          Where are you now Doc1980?

          If you are in canada and justifying your residency... just do as the officer told you. request a visa for those interviews. Hopefully you will not miss them and hopefully you have learned your lesson on immigration fraud.

          Be more careful in the future if you are going to play the game.


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            what a collection of lies and half-truths....come one one except Bill Gates could live in the US for nearly 18 months without, what occupied your time during these extended "visits?" Which 7-11 were you working in? Or were you doing unlicensed medical care?
            Yes, the cancellation of your visa will impact any chance of getting a J1...because the embassy official will likely ask the same question.....just what were you doing all that time? Where is your career or 'job' in Canada? And why in the world would anyone believe you would return to the very country you have been abandoning after your residency (and heaven help any patient you get involved with)...come doc1980....fess up.....where were you working?


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              i did not work at all in america
              all my family is in america and money is not a problem so i stayed here with them and did not need to work
              why cant one stay in america for as long as one has the visa
              re entering after every 6 months you are not breaking any rules , you are just playing according to the book
              btw the immigration officer told me that i would get a b 1 if i tried for it
              considering that you think he would have not reported anything negative and j1 should not be a problem
              also he said the reason i am cancelling your visa is that i have no ties with canada, thats the reason he gave me
              i better consult an immigration lawyer regarding j1


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                TheDoc1980: You had a tourist visa to VISIT America. You were attempting to circumvent our immigration laws by living here without authorization. You're authorized to live in Canada, but NOT America.

                Your visa may have been valid for a period of ten years, but that didn't entitle you to remain in America for years at a time, leaving and reentering every six months. Your visa was canceled because you abused its privileges.

                You assert that the immigration (Customs and Border Protection) officer told you that you would receive a B-1 visa if you applied for it. Well, good luck, because the CBP officer who allegedly told you this isn't the one who will make that decision.

                The fact is, you abused your visa, and it was canceled. Do you honestly believe that you'll easily receive another visa? Your visa wasn't canceled because you "have no ties to Canada." It is my opinion that the Canadians would do well to cancel your residency visa also. It appears that you have made quite a habit of abusing visas.


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                  You are not an obvious candidate for a non-immigrant visa, you could have attended interviews on a B2.

                  Best bet is to get an appropriate Family member to sponsor you for permanent residency.


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                    thanks a lot guys for your inputs
                    appreciate it


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