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Is legal picture ID availale?

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    I'll call and ask. Hopefully you are right but how will that help her illegal situation here in the US? How does she get a Visa when she is already here, but of course out of status? I guess I'm unclear on this issue.
    Thanks for writing to me with information.


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      hi candy,
      I went to check DMV webpage yesterday and it does say that in order to get non drivers licence in ny you need four points of identification plus valid ssn, I dont know if the one she has is valid, I also saw that if you do not have a ssn you have to bring a letter stating why, and explain your immigration status. So that is out of the question for me. It may work for your daughter. As far as the passport situation "Aneri" replied to you that the US has nothing to do with her passport. I called Italian consulate and they said that after 9/11 if someone wants to get new or renew a passport they have to provide immigration status, since I am out of status they are not going to renew my passport.
      I called an immigration organization and they told me that Italian airline will take me home in case of emergency without valid passport but I wont be able to come back. I have a small daughter and cannot leave just like that. I dont know what to do anymore. In your case honduras consulate may act differently. Try to find web page for consulate and embassy of honduras and email them. It is anonimous. keep in touch. vee


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        hi candy,
        I went to check DMV webpage yesterday and it does say that in order to get non drivers licence in ny you need four points of identification plus valid ssn, I dont know if the one she has is valid, I also saw that if you do not have a ssn you have to bring a letter stating why, and explain your immigr


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          You sound so discouraged and I am so sorry. I do know the feeling. It seems never ending. I will check the web site for Honduran Consulate but I think after 9/11 it will be the same as yours. My daughter's ss card states "not valid for employment" so they would be asking me why and checking and find she is out of status too.
          I think her Cert.of Nat. and the voluneer Photo ID will be enough to get married but she is not getting married soon and we were hoping to find a legal way to adjust her status without getting married. I hope if anyone on board reading this knows they will share it with me. 4 lawyers haven't! She did come in legally so why shouldn't that make a difference in her case?
          Why don't you volunteer somewhere to get a photo ID. That would be a start. Sorry I don't have anything better to offer. It is amazing how many nice people are in sorry situations that seem unfixable...but there has to be an answer out there. Keep the faith and take good care of your daughter. Stay in touch.


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            Your DMV web site has given you the information you need about ID.

            I doubt vey much if her volunteer work is legal without Employment Authorisation, it has to be work not just involving no payment but which would not be paid work.

            Also what use is a work ID, outside of work.

            You said in your other post she was on a student visa, usually they are duration of status so she would not usually be out of status now.

            I did not know the Italian Emnbassy require you to be in status to renew your passport, this may not be an issue anyway, but it is not the norm.

            Her Visa is only of historical interest, it would help her adjust without leaving the US on marriage.

            Marriage is the obvious way out, why wait?


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              She entered in Elementary school (K)and that principal made out the visa petition but he only put K-6 on the request thinking that when she transferred to the middle/high school that principal would have to do another petition for 7-12. Unfortunately when i called Immigration when she was about to enter 7th grade they told me she didn't need to do another visa as it was the same school system just different building. But they didn't pull her file up on the computer or they'd have seen the Elementary Principal had only put K-6 on it. We didn't have the passport with visa in it as the lawyers did because we had tried to do a U.S. adoption so we didn't realize at the time it said K-6 and so when she was a senior we discovered she had been out of status since 7th grade when we tried to transfer her to college.

              I would love it if she would get married right away, but she is having second thoughts, or cold feet.

              I don't see why Volunteer work would be illegal. She's not getting paid and not taking on any employee duties or responsibilites. She's walking dogs, playing with cats, and reading mail to the elderly.


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                hi again candy,

                thanx for the advice, i might as well look into the volunteer option, although it will be hard for me because of my daughter. I dont have nowhere to leave her. She is only two. What type of volunteer work would give you a pic ID? Library? I love books. I m not sure if work ID or Volunteer ID are accepted for marriage, and does her card say volunteer??? Did they ask her about her status when she applied for volunteer?
                I read about marriage licence and it says you need to prove age and identity, so my birth certificate as her cert. of nat. would do that. The only problem is identity for only certain documents are accepted. Another thing i looked into is drivers licence. I read a post where someone inquired about that, and there are some states that do issue drivers licence without regard of immigration status and one of them is virginia. If you know someone over there you could have her get a drivers licence there. She would probably have to have some type of bill like a phone bill with her name and address. I think you mentioned marrying someone in the navy, they have navy in virginia. Know anyone?
                Even if she could not drive it would prove identity. Other than that the only way is marriage. I also read about this lady mimi in ny,right here on ilw page, she opened a bank account in florida even though not here legally. Maybe that would help? Or you can try to contact her, i think there is email address.
                hope you find something for her sake. Wish you lot of luck. I will stay in touch.


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                  Interesting situation. What country is the "Certificate of Naturalization" for? She probably was not out of compliance for attending grade school - You may want to check the USCIS website and search under Honduras and Imigration. There is information there. Also, residency for tuition purposes is not the same as residency for other purposes. Go to
                  The residency of dependent students (under the age of 24 years) reflects that of his/her custodial parent(s), regardless of how long the student lives in New York State. What is your status?


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                    More than a year ago I remember someone on this site claiming to be an orphan of Irish Gypsy origin, without any documents to prove her identity, and asked for help to adjust status.

                    I remember looking at INA , copy-pasting some info for her.
                    As far as I remember there was a way for her to go to District Court to get USC.

                    I don't know if it would apply in your foster daughter's case, since she was born in Foreign Country. In any case try looking into INA that regulates Naturalization.


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                      Why hasn't she been adopted before reaching 16?

                      Since she has Foreign Birth Certificate/ was not found in US under the age 5, she can't now claim USC.

                      But what were exactly the complications you refer to that prevented you from adopting her?

                      What evidence, documents do you have in regards to this matter(your not being able to adopt her)?


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