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    How about kicking grints a-s-s out of USA; I will give them Grintland!!!


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      So in other words, you previously had a case denied for marriage fraud and are not entitled to have ANY petition approved for you ever again is that right, Jay?


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        Doesn't the immigration use private contractors to make decisions on cases? - if yes, maybe that's something to with the USCIS losing trial cases against them succesfully in the past.


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          I am sure there is a way to sue immigration,
          and trust me there are millions people suffering out there cause the way immigration is done these days, I will gladly join you too
          and we will win it for sure .
          Immigration these days do not follow any basic line for Human rights I personally have plenty of proof of that just look at the way the war was done.
          there has been extremally lot of unjustise done and I think you going to have evan more chances if you get group of people suing them.
          please , keep me in mind ,I will join you.


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            Anybody can help me to search in immigration regulations stating that a prosecutorial descrition by the past DD can be overturn by the present DD. My hearing is on August 24, I know I have a positive results. now I am working to sue them, what they did is absolutely descrimination. Winning or losing.. as long as we have to show them our rights. Any comments are WELCOME


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              Get out of USA and sue your government; I bet they will kick your stinky a-s-s hard in grintland !!!


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                congratulation booob,
                could you please go back to school and learn the USA is country whose wealth and class if any left was created by the immigrants who come here and work harder then anybody to create better life for them and you too.
                Look at all the mexicans and asians who work like genetors etc..
                and by the way , where your grand grand parents came from?why don't you go to live in different country for a while, open your mind and do something positive for future generation.
                Life is not about me, me, me only let others to live and do what they want and do not discriminate.If you want pease work for justice.


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                  booo, you're wasting your time; just get out of this discussion board; find yourself something more interesting to do....


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                    For all of you "sue immigration" folk. The Court system has LIMITED review of CIS actions. The most common suit brought against CIS is what is called a "mandamus" action. All that does is compel CIS to take an action in your case. If CIS sends you a fingerprint notice that is "taking an action". Also, in this case CIS issued a denial so they acted.


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                      We punish fraudulent grints on this board; we offer our free services " How to live like a true AMERICAN" !!!!!!!!!!!


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                        Please publish more commints on when we can stop the immigration from discrimination. In my case it was grant deny grant and deny system, which is very immatured and sign of discrimination.


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                          Here is an example of a recent case that might shed more light on this topic...

                          Judge Grants Permanent Resident Status to 22,000
                          The Associated Press
                          Friday, February 13, 2004; 11:32 AM

                          MINNEAPOLIS -- A federal judge ordered the U.S. government to grant permanent-resident status to nearly 22,000 people nationwide and ensure that all asylum holders get the work permits they are entitled.

                          Issuing the mandate Thursday, U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle called the government's treatment of asylum holders "nothing short of a national embarrassment."

                          The order stemmed from a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of 150,000 asylum holders by the American Immigration Law Foundation of Washington, D.C.

                          Those who are to get permanent residency immediately have faced years of bureaucratic delays in upgrading their status, and Kyle called on the government to speed up the entire permanent-residency process.

                          "We think it's a very strong opinion and should send a message to the government," said Nadine Wettstein, director of the foundation's Legal Action Center. She said the lawsuit was filed in Minnesota partly because of its large immigrant population.

                          Wettstein said the ruling also means a shorter wait for the other roughly 130,000 residency applicants covered by the suit, but she estimated it will still take 12 to 13 years to clear the backlog for permanent resident status unless Congress changes the law.

                          A Justice Department spokesman in Washington said the agency hadn't seen the decision and would have to review it before deciding how to proceed.

                          Delays in getting permanent residency mean delays in getting citizenship because a permanent resident must wait five years before becoming a citizen.

                          Under federal law, the government can give permanent resident status to 10,000 refugees each fiscal year. But from 1994 to 2002, the government failed for various reasons to use all the allotted slots, leaving nearly 22,000 applicants on the waiting list. The government claimed the unused slots expired at the end of each fiscal year.

                          Kyle disagreed, saying the government is legally obligated to fill those slots.

                          On the work permits issue, the judge said that the law clearly requires the government to issue them to all asylum holders, that it can't require them to reapply for those documents annually at a cost of $120 as it now does, and that the permits must remain valid as along as a person has asylum.

                          Kyle gave both sides 60 days to negotiate a schedule for complying with his order, or he'll set the deadlines himself.


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