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      Hi INStress...

      I can understand your situation ... sorry about that.... Well whatever you described here.... In that case you have 2 options .... One is good for both of you ... working this marriage out....

      If that doesn't help then please try to find Las Vegas divorce thread ... I don't remember exactly but u might find it in those links ... I guess I didn't read all of them .... I understand you read all waiver cases but if u haven't read those links then you must read it ....

      Las Vegas divorce was initiated by John Doe I guess if I m not mistaken ...and there is a very good info on getting quick divorce and you should check with your state laws if they recognize those kinda divorce.... Good luck.... If u get any questions post it here...others will help you out...Good luck... Pasha


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        Pasha, JohnDoe,
        Thanks for your comments.
        California Laws recognize Vegas divorce, and as a matter of fact, I have a friend who did it.

        I think Vegas divorce is an option in case an interview is scheduled and my wife refuses to show up, then I can call and reschedule, and go to the interview with the Vegas divorce decree.

        If I call to reschedule the interview, do I have the option to choose the best time for me, or they just send me a letter with a new date? Do they need a strong reason to reschedule? how long time it takes? Days? Weeks? Months?

        Thanks again.


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          Good day,
          I think plan B would be Vegas Divorce, I need to find a way to establish a kind of residency in Nevada, so in the worst sinario it wil take me a few days to get the decree if an interview is scheduled.

          I cannot predict what is going to happen between me and my wife tomorrow! I'm not sure if I can work it out with her or not, who knows maybe she filed for divorce already, maybe by time we need to go to the interview she will co-operate. No expectations!

          Thanks again.


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            If your wife filed for divorce you could avoid service, meaning hiding yourself from being actually given the divorce papers, this will halt the divorce proceeding for a while. Do not accept any papers from her, and do not sign any certified mail that is from an unknown sender or from a law firm, she will need proof that you were giving the divorce papers legally and provide proof to the court in order to get the divorce proceeding going.


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              Thanks for your comment, we emailed each other 3 weeks ago, and you gave me some valuable information. I appreciate that.

              Dalaying or starting the divorce will not going to help me, as it takes 6 months in California to get the divorce finalized, and based on the processing dates I'm expecting to have an answer within 4 months, I'm just worried about the interview, I live my life now and build my expectations based on my wife's mood, one day she calls me love, and next day she threats me with the divorce, how nice is this life?!

              The question here is: If we go for an interview, and we tell the officer that we're separated, is he going to deny the case? Is he going to say: Come back after you fix your problems or go and get divorced then apply again? Or he will say: Here is the approval go and fix your problem!

              Thanks again.


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                Ins Stress

                BCIS can not automatically deny your case becuase the marriage is not ongoing. The joint petition was signed declaring bonafide marriage. What you cannot be is divorced when the interview comes, and both most attend and attest to the bonafide marriage. But forget about that... the best reason you have to work on keeping this marriage together is "CITIZENSHIP"! Dont be foolish. you must be close to being eligible for N-400 based on marriage.. and you need to be together 4this. Just a thought..... Flowers and candy usually are a start.


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                  Good Day everyone,
                  4 Now:
                  Thanks for your comments, maybe you'll not going to belive it if I say I'm not interested in the citizenship, and all what I need is to stay in the US work on my Masters and PHD, and wait until the political situation in my country to be better, then I just want to go back home, when I first moved to the States, the main reason was to take some training classes, I met my wife and decided to stay, I left a very good job in my country, I left a masters scholarship, to stat with her.

                  The last 2 months before she left I tried everything I could do, flowers, candy, dinner, champagne, breakfast in bed, honey moon over seas all didn't work, I don't say that I gave up, but it seems like there is nothing to do at this point!

                  Once I lose my wife, then there is nothing to worry about in the US except going back to my country at this time.

                  I guess it's getting more clear now, Vegas would be my plan B, and I guess if I have to do that my wife should also be there.


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                    I don't know how accurate that is, I got married in Vegas and we both had to show our IDs and sign a paper, what I know for sure is that you can get married at any time, they have 24/7 service and you can do it drive through (McDonalds Style) .

                    It makes more sense that you can get divorced without your spouse. I need to check that out, it makes it easier.



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                      Okay, unfortunately I must impose myself on this divorce situation as I was almost at the point of getting a divorce a year before the conditions on my husband expired. We actually live here in Las Vegas, we actually couldn't stand each other and were willing to sign the divrce all happy happy...even went so far to fill out the paperwork sign it and everything, didn't file for it though. We have since made up and life is good. Why am I telling you this? This is why...Las Vegas no longer has such quicky divorces!

                      Yes, if you both agree and come in and sign the papers then you wil have your divorce in about 2 weeks, about the time it takes for a judge to sign it. Sometimes can be sooner.

                      However, you must have a sign affidavit from someone who is not related to you by blood or marriage atesting to the fact they have seen you here for over a year and that for the past 6 months they have seen you at least 5 days out of 7.

                      Also you wife will have to sign for the divorce for it not to be contested. Right now a contest divorce is taking about 2 months before going to a judge. (Spoke with my broters divorce lawyer about a week ago on this.)

                      So, I would think carefully about doing this LAs Vegas divorce thing, as it is not as easy as the people on this board make it out to be, unless your wife is willing to come up here and sign the papers too.

                      Also, INStress you just have your NOA for you I-751 correct? You do not even know if you have to go to an iterview yet. If possible please list what you sent in for evidences for the I-751.

                      Good luck.

                      P.S. No we were not in divorce proceedings when we went for our interview. My husband and I are now happily married after counseling and working on our marriage. We will celebrate our 5th wedding aniversary in Oct.


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                        Yes, I do have the NOA and I don't know if I wil go to an interview or not, if you read my first post, I made a little mistake when I filed the I-751 where I sent all evidence that demonstrates the marital life AFTER the CGC was granted. I sent over 80 page file, I included all joint utility bills, health and car insurance, pictures, flight tickets,hotel reservations, avidaffit of sworn from 3 couples who know us as a couple, Gym and AAA cards, joint checking, saving, and credit card accounts, joint tax papers for 2 or 3 years I cannot remeber, invitations and greeting cards.


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                          How many days did you have from the date your received the appointment letter to the actual interview date. I am talking about the first interview (I-485).

                          Please keep me updated.


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                            Good Day,
                            I filed on December 14th 2001, received the appointment letter 2 months after that. We went to the interview on July 8th 2002. Remember the processing time is now different due to to the backlog.


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                              I did read your post, but you are supposed to show joint marriage evidence for after the CGC was granted. That is the whole point, that you are still living together and entered into the marriage on terms that after you were married planned on sharing your life together. If what you stated is true, I would calm down and wait for the interview letter if you even get one. 80 pages is a lot of stuff for USCIS to go through and they may not want to see how much more stuff you can dig up and bring to the interview.


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                                Dear Adriana,
                                That's what i thought, for some reason I used my imagination when I read the instructions before filling out the form. Just a few days ago I reread the instructions that state clearly the following:
                                "Submit copies of as many documents as you wish to establish this fact and to demonstrate the circumstances of the relationship from the date of the marriage to the present date, and to demonstrate any circumstances surrounding the end of the relationship, if it has ended. The documents should cover the period from the date of your marriage to the filing of this petition."


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