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    My Dear Friends,
    I'm back with some questions, hope you won't find them too pathetic. Yes, i'm also one of the thousands of people who overstayed their visa, so i've been here for over 5 years......and trying to find some solution if it's possible, there might be some stpes i could take i just don't know about....tha'ts why i'm here ...on this board ..again.
    1.the people who get married for papers how safe is that
    2. people who are sponsored by someone how long does it take to get the GC
    3. people who have applied for late amnesty what is the chance they can manipulate the system and get their way through late amnesty. I know a few people who has applied for amnesty and it's just blows my mind how confident they are about this.
    I haven't done either of these but thinking to get married maybe...should i or should i not? I know it was my choice to stay here my boyfriend is getting his papers pretty soon, but unfortunately with green card he can't marry me, or it just doesn't make any sense so we would wait until he becomes a citizen. the question is shouldi wait a good additional 6 years (at least) or should i get married to someone else or is it too risky?? thanks for any info. best.

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    What????????? You are actually expecting someone to condone and give his/her blessing on committing immgration fraud! Why 6 years for him to become a citizen?
    The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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      Marry your boyfriend and have him petition for you. Once he becomes a citizen he can upgrade his petition. That is the only legitimate way you can become legal. Do not try to get married for a greencard. That is a very serious form of fraud and by doing it, you are thumbing your nose at people who are genuinely married and trying to navigat the immigration maze.
      Have a nice day


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        this is sickening....another whining visa cheat..."oh my oh my, I overstayed my visa and it wasn't my fault.....and now I want to know if it is OK to commit more fraud...oh boo hoo boo hoo..." get the eff out of America, you visa cheating lying slime. We don't want you here nor does anyone care about your phony stories or excuses. You are nothing but an irresponsible cheat, who has NO respect for US laws, as evidenced by your pathetic whining about entering into a phony marriage to get a green card. You are the primary reason why a lot of legitimate people have trouble getting tourist visas, because of slime like you.


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          I wouldn't get married for the green card but I know a ffew people who did and got there GC, I guess they prepared well and passed the interview without any problems.
          One of them is an egyptian girl who married a guy in the air force, apparently the interview was really short because the INS guy was an ex air force so they just talkedd about the militaries for 10 minutes and that was it.
          Apparently a lot of militaries guys do it because they get more money if they are married.
          Marrying aUS citizen will cost you money (here it's about $5000 plus attorney fees) and you have no guarantee it will work and if it doesn't, you'll get kicked out of the US for a long long time.
          It's really up to you but think about the risks, in my opinion it is not worth it, even if you find a guy who would be willing to marry you for the GC, he might back out of the deal after a year and you would have spend all that money on him for nothing.
          Just think about it, I can't tell you what to do


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            csunkala ,
            I remember suggesting you to get that "SimCity", didn't you follow my advise yet?


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