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Having a lawyer present at an interview

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    lol.. I am glad u r not a CIS adjudication officer. lol


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      JF...I do agree with you that the attorney can help you with the paperwork, and we did hire an attorney and he did all the forms, and made sure he had everything we needed to submit our case. He put it all together and sent it in. I think that was money well spent, and I would recommend to anyone going through this process that has the money, to hire a lawyer to review and and organize your paperwork.

      We have our interview in August. We have a few options available to us. We can be on our own, and go to the interview without representation. Our attorney has offered for a fee ofcourse, to schedule a meeting with us to review our case and give us some insight on what to expect at the interview. (which right now I'm leaning towards doing that). Then ofcourse for more money he'll also attend the interview with us.

      I'm just trying to get some feedback on the pros and cons of having an lawyer present at the actual interview. Is it worth the extra $1000.00 to have one present?

      In my research of this process I have heard the agrument more than once, that having an attorney present may cause the interviewer to be suspicious. If you have a lawyer you must be guilty of something...right?


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        I am still learning the abreviations, so I dont know what AOS is so..

        We had our interview at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez Mexico, and they no longer allow attorneys to be present at interviews for both non immigrant visas and immigrant visas. Ciudad Juarez Consulate Policy

        I also was not allowed to go inside with my husband during the interview. At the bottom of your interview letter if it says IR1 then you wont be allowed inside either, unless both your names and your childs name is on the paper. (that is just what they told us at the consulate at the time of our interview November 2006)
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          Juarez is a party town !!!
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            Honestly, I don't think you need a lawyer that at all! We went without one and had no problem you just need to bring all of your evidence, copies of any shared accounts, photos. I mean its quite a simple and quick interview, no more than 20 minutes. In my opinion having a lawyer there is a waste of time (and money)


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              hi i am new here but i just went through my AOS and i went with a attorney present and my husband is in the military so i dont think the guy was suspecious about any thing... some attorneys over do it with charging so what i did was i filled out all paper work by my self and sent it in and then i retained him after it cost me 400 to do some other stuff that came up and for him to go in with me.. so mines was cheap...
              my call would be do what you think is best for you but attorney is the safest way not to get your self in trouble.. the guy just ask for all the paper work proving i am married and then he turned around and ask my husband about being in the military and the interview only took 10 minutes and i am not lying....

              look every body has different reactions to pressure so for those who know they are not able to handle it take the attorney you will have strenght from that..


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