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Deport Mexicans for Money! ($500 each)

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    Why just Mexicans ??


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      Who's going to mow my lawn ?


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        Hey Jo

        You know thats a very astute observation you made.

        Interesting ...dont u think


        • #19
          4NOW said:


          Is this a psychophysiological detection of deception thing going on here.

          Why are you pulling up all these old threads from a year or more ago??? Do you realize that it is taking away valuable reading time from people's problems that need to be answered? Please be considerate here. ok "

          What happened to your truck?
          I am still in toy shopping business, remember?
          So what is going on?
          Batteries are down?
          I suggest you get the rechargeable ones, so you can use them over and over again.
          This way you will not be interrupted from what you do the best.

          Now, in regards to your statement, I found it quite interesting.
          First you fiercely critisized me for the threads I posted.
          I listened to your advice and didn't post much since then.
          Now, you critisize me for replying to the threads of others.
          Do you have special powers vested in you that authorize you to tell me what threads I should/shouldn't reply to?

          Anyways, we heard that you need a replacement hood with orange flames on it.
          We are researching and trying to find out whether it would be cheaper for you to buy a new truck instead of fixing the one you have.
          Meanwhile, put the batteries back and enjoy your time.


          • #20
            Wo E.

            Twisted Lies are not cool with me E. I called you out on what appeared to be racist remarks on occasion.
            I never criticized your threads or pronounced what you could or could not answer to. Your threads were always very well written. I asked your purpose in pulling up all these old threads and explained why. Kindly asked you to be considerate of the board and the people that come here to help others and seek out help.

            You on the other hand seem to have other motives, and they do not appear to be good ones. I thought you suffered from hoof and mouth disease and were just misunderstood by people. But I see I was very wrong and being generous/giving benefit of the doubt. It is clear to me now that you are merely FUBAR.

            So I am asking you to stop with the poison pen and stop misquoting/misinterpreting things people have said here & twisting words to justify E.'s actions and intents.

            Now no need to try to banter b/c I have no time for nonsense... I dont get down like that.

            Hopefully you will find a way to channel that energy and stop being manipulative. The "thought-Provoking" Police position has already been filled.

            Have a good day mate and a better tommorow.


            • #21
              I see what you mean.

              I also think you took things rather too seriously and that is not cool with me either.

              I have no need to justify my actions.
              Actions, once taken, are in the past and what remains of it is consequenses.
              And you know NOTHING about the either one.

              So,if you DON'T KNOW me please DON'T JUDGE me.

              On my part I will refrain in future from saying things that could be interpreted as hurtful on your side.

              I had an overall positive impression about you (to your big surprise) and I understand that I am partly responsible for you reacting to my posts in such way.

              Take care.



              • #22

                Thank you for your clarification on your post. I was aware of the parts that were playful. It was just the misquote that bothered me. Misquotes can always be taken too seriously. Its not problem now. You have explained.

                Why would I be surprised that you had a positive impression of me????? Most people do E. Why would you have been any different

                When people are "playing".. we should be clear so one doesnt caus undue hard feelings. I apologize if I have done the same with you.

                ok.. so maybe you are not FUBAR after all (This week) ;-)


                • #23
                  Your ego is showing!


                  • #24
                    Hey Still Baby

                    Bite your tongue

                    No brag... just fact ;-)

                    Now chew on that lol .. Im going to bed

                    Goodnite Still
                    Goodnite Pasha
                    Goodnite E.
                    Goodnite Gracy


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                      Is it $500 dead or alive or do they have to be alive ?


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                        Go to bed! Tomorrow's a whole new day, just waiting for you to post more helpful advice.


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                          Sweet Madame Belu


                          • #28

                            4now, all clear
                            By the way comment you made ("Ugandans have easier time to adjust to Illegal life in US = E. is Racist") was very serious
                            So, if I was into "disputing"...
                            But I am not.

                            So, it's all cool 4now


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