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Deport Mexicans for Money! ($500 each)

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  • Deport Mexicans for Money! ($500 each)

    Does anyone know whether the INS has a toll-free number to call to arrest and deport the large number of natives and citizens of Mexico that are present in the United States without having been admitted or paroled?

    I heard from a law-enforcement friend that the new INS director will implement a reward system, $500 for each illegal alien arrested. Is there any truth to this plan?

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    Does anyone know whether the INS has a toll-free number to call to arrest and deport the large number of natives and citizens of Mexico that are present in the United States without having been admitted or paroled?

    I heard from a law-enforcement friend that the new INS director will implement a reward system, $500 for each illegal alien arrested. Is there any truth to this plan?


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      Are you looking for easy money? Do you have nothing more constructive to do with your time?


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        We dont need that kind of money..I aint no mexican but i do not think anybody has to decide the faith of somebody weither he belongs here or there Gosh ....Who own this land ..nobody but God so dear friend we dont need to hear about that kind of news .this place is to help people get their immigrations problems solve or even if we cant help them 100% by telling someone what they need to know is something in order for them to keep they family together and im sure others here will agree with me that we definitely dont need that kind of news in here ....So please let's be more helpfull than talking about making money over deporting somebody...God what made you ask that friend of yours something like that ......Couldnt you guys talk about the WEST NILE VIRUS? it could have been a better subject ..This world is going to its End let;'s be all worried about that than some stupid deportaion stuff..... i dont need to hear that .... SO if you needed to make money please go get a job that way you'll make that money dont report on others so you wont be seen as a JUDAS Known as the traitor of christ ....A good listener will hear me ...


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          Hey I wasn't supporting what Tishin was saying. I was simply asking if he/she didn't have anything better to do in life other than trying to get money for reporting illegal immigrants.


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            listen i wasnt talkinmg about u ...... i agree with what u said okay .....Your answer was actually what motivated me to answer that guy ..... What is he anyways? Seem like he doesnt like mexicans for him to ask questions about their faith....Mexicans do a whole lot for this country i tell you that now not mexican but im talking from what i saw after all those years in this country.....


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              I think we can hereby close this topic.

              Only replies to this will keep him/her/it going.

              When they don't get the attention they crave they will eventually stop.


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                Mexicans and other illegal aliens do the worst and the toughest jobs that no American would ever taken.
                Their cheap labor benefits Americans. Illegal aliens do not take benefits or unemployment benefits from US taxpayers - they only hard working people 6-7$/hour.
                On the other hand legal emigrants do not work at all and they are eligible for more benefits than Americans born in USA (cheap rent apartments, welthare, free health care, food stamps, frozen rent, free University etc.). That's the shame that US immigration admits somebody who comes only to take benefits paid by US taxpayers! Let us deport those legal emigrants who do not work in this country and steal taxpayers from US citizens born and raised in US.
                Let immigrate only those who can find a work here (shortage positions) like construction workers, nurses, teachers or IT specialist and throw out those legal emigrants who take benefits and do not work!!!!!!

                Illegal emigrant hard working but with no chance for legalization his stay.


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                  Don't blame immigrants for taking advantage of the benefits that are there... blame the government. The government passed the laws to enables parasites, (regardless of nationality or visa status) to live off of taxes paid by hard working americans, permanent residents, and people in all sorts of visa categories.

                  It is immoral for some people to live off of the hard work of others, while not wanting to work themselves, but at the same time, it is illegal for people to cross the border without inspection, and work without work authorization... even if it's jobs that no one else wants to do.


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                    Remember that the people that allow laws like that are called democrats. They enjoy having people dependent on the government becuase that gives tehm power.


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                      This is true, and I know illegal immigrants take on jobs that most Americans don't want, and I think there should be a visa type to allow people to come here to work such jobs. However, granting millions of illegal immigrants amnesty would be a slap in the face to everyone facing the frustrations of doing it the legal way, as well as everyone that tries to enter the country legally with the right intentions, but are denied entry anyway, especially those from certain countries such as China, India etc.


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                        This is a Chef's SPECIAL for Michael.
                        I also suggest that Mexicans be sold by lbs to restaurants instead of per person to INS.
                        Higher bounty = higher performance


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                          Is this a psychophysiological detection of deception thing going on here.

                          Why are you pulling up all these old threads from a year or more ago??? Do you realize that it is taking away valuable reading time from people's problems that need to be answered? Please be considerate here. ok


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                            Are there really 8 to 10 million jobs in our country "that Americans won't do?" Instead of checking to find out, advocates for a radical amnesty plan offer only smoke and mirrors.

                            . Supporting the rule of law does not in any way mean disliking immigrants. And no honest person should ever suggest such nonsense.

                            First, it is already possible to hire a legal immigrant if no American citizen is found. There simply is no problem here. However, current law obligates employers to actually advertise the job and to hire any qualified American citizens first. Advocates for law-breaking want us to simply assume instead that lazy Americans won't want any of 8 to 10 million jobs. That's a lot of jobs about which to make sweeping generalizations. America was built by our 'can do' spirit and hard work. Between 1930 and 1985 when this mass ILLEGAL invasion started we had less then 300,000 people per year emigrate here, GUESS WHAT ?THE JOBS GOT DONE!!!! So quit with the B.S. on that one..

                            It's interesting: At the same time that approximately 8 million citizens are unemployed, there are also 8 million gate-crashers in the U.S. Current law requires employers to ask first if an American might want a job.

                            Second, current law requires employers to pay the same salary to immigrants that they would pay American citizens. New proposals for amnesty would undercut you, your children, or your grandchildren by paying illegal aliens less. While liberals strongly protest U.S. jobs moving overseas, they simultaneously fight to import those same low-wage workers here to American soil... illegally. This harms young people searching for their first, entry-level job, and minority communities with high unemployment rates.

                            Simply because American citizens aren't doing certain work today doesn't mean they couldn't if illegal trespassers were sent home. Wages would obviously rise to attract citizens.

                            Ironically, liberals fight for increases in the minimum wage, yet encourage trespassers who drive down wages. Minorities are beginning to realize that illegal immigration is taking away their entry-level jobs and cutting their incomes.

                            VDARE.COM -

                            March 08, 2004

                            National Data, By Edwin S. Rubenstein

                            Americans losing jobs to Latino Immigrants
                            Some months ago, I noted in VDARE.COM that Hispanic employment, while increasing at the expense of native-born Americans, was not nearly keeping pace with Hispanic population growth.

                            Last Friday's dismal job numbers for February confirm the trend. Hispanic employment rose by 1,000 from January, while the share of adult Hispanics who are employed declined to 62.0% from 62.2%.

                            Belatedly, my job story has been echoed by an Establishment research organization. (Nyah nyah!)

                            The recent, much-hyped labor market study by the Pew Hispanic Center, ["Latino Labor Report, 2003" shows that between the fourth quarters of 2002 and 2003:

                            The number of employed Latinos rose by almost 660,000, or 3.9%.

                            Non-Latino employment rose by just 371,100, or by 0.3%

                            The mainline media was exuberant: "Latinos landed a disproportionate share of new jobs created last year...." To Harry Holzer, a professor of public policy at Georgetown University, the hiring binge was evidence that employers prefer "more appreciative and less demanding" immigrants.

                            [Recent Latino immigrants won majority of new jobs, By Anastasia Ustinova, Knight Ridder Newspapers ]

                            "It is a form of discrimination, in a way, in favor of foreign-born workers," opines Dr. Holzer, described in news reports as an expert in "ethnicity and low-wage work."

                            Pro-Hispanic discrimination? Look at the Pew report again, Dr. Holzer. Employers are hiring Latinos because they come cheap. Latino wages declined last year because the supply of unskilled Latino labor exceeded the demand. From 2002-Q4 to 2003-Q4:

                            The working-age Latino population (age 16+) grew 5.0%

                            The ratio of Latino employment-to-Latino population fell from 63.9% to 63.2%

                            Average wages for Latinos fell 2.6%

                            Average wages for Whites and Blacks rose 0.8% and 4.8%, respectively

                            Latino immigrants are getting jobs. In the process, however, they are displacing native-born Americans­and first and second generation Hispanics, many of whom are too discouraged to remain in the labor force.

                            As a result, the overall labor force participation rate for Hispanics fell in 2003 despite the increase in Hispanic employment.

                            When people leave the labor force they are no longer counted as unemployed. Had these labor force leavers been accounted for, overall Hispanic unemployment would double – to 14.3% from the official 7.1% rate reported for 2003-Q4. On this basis unemployment remained unchanged for Hispanics in the last six months of 2003 while declining for all other ethnic groups.

                            The moral: mass immigration hurts native-born workers­and immigrant workers too.

                            We are witnessing a jobs crunch. This economic recovery is already producing sub-par employment growth. (I'll be writing about this soon). Immigration is making things tougher for American workers.

                            Yet President Bush's response, in an election year, is to propose unlimited importation of "temporary" workers.

                            How odd.

                            Edwin S. Rubenstein (email him) is President of ESR Research Economic Consultants in Indianapolis.


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                              Oh great! Now's he's pulled Acelaw out of his coffin! Buncha vampires!
                              Sweet Madame Belu


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