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    Hi ircroxy, email me when you can okay? Wondering how you have been and not sure if you changed email addresses. Patti

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    Hi ircroxy, email me when you can okay? Wondering how you have been and not sure if you changed email addresses. Patti


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      Hey Patti
      Yes, I have a new email. I moved and have been working 12 - 15 hr days so not much time to even be here. I try to pop in and read (skim) some posts. I'm ok I guess, still awaiting word on my new interview date. I've had to send a new change of address, as soon as I can I will call the 800 number to make sure they have it in place. All I'd need is for them to show me as a no show once again due to moving. I'll keep you posted.
      Since you're hanging here now, it must be close to your time eh?


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        Hey Girl!!! I didn't know that you moved. Is it far from where you used to live? It is getting closer to my time, but I don't anticipate hearing anything for at least 6 more months. I just have so much more time on my hands now that I have finished nursing school so that is why I am on here. I can finally find the time to enjoy life and get back into the swing of things. Still working 12 hours shifts at the hospital but now I can find time for other things now that I am not studying 24-7. When you get a chance, send me an email at my hotmail address. It is I have missed talking to you fellow "Sudburian" eh? LOL Hope to hear from you soon. I have so much more to ask/tell ya......gotta keep ya up to speed on things eh?????


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          Home of the big nickel, eh?


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            Yeah home of the Big Nickel for sure! LOL Where are you from Sphyrapicus3?


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              Brampton but I spend a lot of time up at Parry Sound over the xmas holidays.


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                small world now isn't it! I have a friend who lived in Raleigh,NC for 5 years(both her and her husband are Canadian) and they moved back to Parry Sound last year. Thanks to her, that is how I met my husband here in NC
                Which state do you live in? How did you meet your wife?


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                  I'm now in Vermont, formerly in Florida. I met my wife while I was a graduate student.


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                    Hi Patti ...

                    Thanks for the e mail... I just read it... will reply to you these weekends...feel free to write...Pasha


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                      Hi Pasha, I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great weekend. Patti


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                        Pasha don't wuv me no more.
                        Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                          Dear Jo ,

                          I have been real busy...I haven't forgotten the way did u contact there and ask according to the info I sent you...?


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                            No, I told you, they will laugh at me.
                            Formerly Josephine Schmo


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