I am writing because I would like to know how you guys can help me in my case.
This is what is happening. My parents and I lived in the States for almost 4 years. When I went there I had just turned 17. Most of the time when I was there I attended High School. When I graduated I got a job, everything illegally, and that is
when everything started. Immigration found out about us and they came to my house. We weren't arrested or anything. I was charged with outstaying my welcome, working illegally and at the time of the interview they asked me if I had ever said I was an American citizen, and I said yes because when I had gotten that job my boss asked me if I was a American citizen and I said yes because I really thought that by living there I was a American Citizen (stupid)!. Anyways, I was supposed to go see a judge but I came to Brazil before that on my own expenses. It seems to me that the judge deported me in absence or something like that.
Well right now I am living in Brazil for almost 3 year and I have been married to an American Citizen for about the same time. We got married here in Brazil. We now have a baby of 4 months and my husband really wants to go back. When we first got married we started the permanent visa but we didn't continue with that. In February of this year I tried to get I tourist visa but it was denied because they thought I was hiding something just because I didn't say anything. Well I was just waiting for their questions.
Please I need some help, I've been told that I need a waiver. How do I do that??? Should I reapply for a tourist visa or continue the process for a permanent one??
Please I am desperate... Can you guys help me???